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Choose a talented person -- the key that is decision success or failure
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World Chinese learns the first person successfully -- Chen Anzhi says: "The leader's job -- it is the leader with duplicate outstanding the next. Each leader begins from the first day of job, be about to know, his job is ' duplicate leader ' " .
"You are not to training an employee, you are to training more leaders! " (pick from " leader force decides everything " )

Zheng Shang Gong be about to from highest Shang Gong retreat locally, the most important thing before leaving, select a likely successor namely, with the career of board of inheritance palace drive.
Look in Zheng Shang Gong, prospective successor not only should have remarkable prandial ability, more important is can inheritance ideal -- the concept that insists to do prandial person.
Zheng Shang Gong thinks: Do prandial person, the person state of mind that should let take food is cheerful, healthful, absolutely cannot prandial the method that should serve as a kind of contend for power and profit.
She knows to be able to be done so, have Han Shanggong only.
But, various pressure asks she expresses the position familial the Cui Shang Gong that has power and influence.
Accordingly, zheng Shang Gong breaks free from conventions for the first time, put forward to the emperor: In the with the match means in palace, will decide prospective successor.
The Han Shanggong with hutch highest art and Cui Shang Gong, be decided to be agonistic candidate. Two people choose an assistant severally. Cui Shang Gong chose him familial today flower, and what Han Shanggong chose to lose taste is long today.

A company, an enterprise, capital, dimensions, equipment, talent, technology... it is the thing that we value, but the most important should not be all these only, the most important should be this enterprise " immanent spirit " reach " company culture " .

China has a common saying: "Rich do not cross 3 generation " , because ancestors sends offspring money, very easy, but should pass next generation to develop, character and the spirit such as enterprising, innovation, volition, very difficult, because this is aeriform, need a person " comprehend ability " reach " strong personality " and " viewpoint of value " self-identity.
So, "It is easy to do poineering work, safeguard one's heritage is difficult. " because want " defend " resource, talent, technology... shed estrangement possibly to fall into disuse because of some kind of reason. And should stand fast truly should not be material, and ought to be a kind of spirit.

Should have this kind of mind, sort all things that estrangement washs out, OK and new farewell comes, the career of collapse just also can be built again afresh.
Confucianism Han Ying learning the home says: "The home has the jade of hoisting jack, do not know to treat, be just as deficient also. " -- in the home even if have the Bao Yu of hoisting jack, do not know how to be applied however, that is mixed different of poor it doesn't matter.
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