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Whole situation is devoted -- the career just is met redound miracle
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"Once a person can be right a thing, even a person, the force of devoted whole body goes going after, employ oneself real feeling to use a heart, can create a miracle certainly. " (pick from " Wang Yang is comprehended " )

To carry off the victory of final of the most exalted palace, the elder brother of Cui Shang Gong again the method of exert meanness, the Shang Gong that take the advantage of Han gives palace to buy when feeding capable person, kidnap her.
For the honor of defend master, long today come out boldly, replace Han Shanggong and Cui Shang Gong to have the competition.
Through a few bureaus the match of soul-stirring, bilateral battle becomes draw.
Deciding the last bureau of victory or defeat, grow to be displayed today on dishful is common and cheap hill strawberry.
Grow to say to the emperor today, hill strawberry is she gives last food of mortal mother. Because cannot discover food, and mother already any of not feel like eating, can come from the 釆 on hill only hill strawberry, oneself chew hill strawberry sodden, feed in maternal mouth...
Grow to say to the emperor today: "The emperor is the parents of ten million common people, my mood with serving a mother, show this serving on, like hoping the emperor can resemble a mother, common people of the world of show solicitude for. Common people of the world of show solicitude for..
The emperor touchs greatly: "Be, I sit in this position, became the father and mother of ten million common people, the child that I also should worry about to be about to become orphan like mortal mother is same, go treating my common people. Go treating my common people..
This, growing is not to rely on transcendental and free from vulgarity hutch today art, rely on a master to teach her treatment alimental again however a sincerity, touched the emperor and empress empress or imperial concubine of the first rank deeply.
The emperor announces at once, growing is today " the chef with complete the most outstanding Korea " .
And, grew to be won for master Han Shang Gong today " highest Shang Gong " the position.

When the person works, pay close attention to this one thing to whether can have been done only mostly, whether can reflect oneself level, whether can score a success -- the result that often sees a thing only.
Everybody often ignored a the most fundamental successful law: "Treat the manner of job and mood, just be to decide to be defeated by winning key. Just be to decide to be defeated by winning key..

Be known as the whole world one of 100 the greatest stars -- into dragon, stay in Hollywood starlight highway the helper imprints and say when footmark: "Face a challenge, as long as hammer and tongs, honorary nature subsequently and come. Honorary nature subsequently and come..
Pat into dragon " little Lin Men " when, be hit so that lose consciousness completely; Pat " drunk fist " , eyebrow bone gets hurt, canthus is kicked to explode; Pat " A plans " , neck bone is weighed, nose bone is bumped to crack; Pat " constabulary story " , the 6th bump into shift to 8 vertebra and pelvis, break down almost; Pat " younger brother of tiger of dragon elder brother " , skull caves, cerebral hemorrhage; Pat " red an area " , crural spirit craze, toe bone is inserted wear skin; Pat " a good person " , contuse nose bone, neck bone from headroom fall down; Pat " who am I " , left rib and ankle are injured; Pat " the spy confuses a city " , end vertebra cartilage gets hurt bring about below half body cannot activity; Pat " flying Long Zaisheng " , eye ministry suffers achieve, on the spot blood stream is full of...
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