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Love -- the requirement that satisfies opposite party namely
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World Chinese learns the first person successfully -- Chen Anzhi says: "What the man needs is achievement feeling, female
What the person needs is safe feeling. " (pick from " oneself are a treasure " )
But a lot of people do not know this truth, also do not know why to can be lovelorn, why can part company, what is what because do not know the other side after all,want.

Investigation of Min politics grand grasped the guilty fact with Cui familial. After Cui Shang Gong and elder brother know, prepare do harm to at him.
Dark all the time love Min Zhenghao today flower, he searchs hastily before the late night, ask Min Zhenghao abandons investigating.
Min Zhenghao rejects to abandon.
Today flower say: Alliance of envy of Xi of そ of all of dust  of Xi of tan1huan4 of second of pa suddenly comb sincering feeling breaks through Qian of  example excessive in all brightness mound Se of withered of card  every handsome
Min Zhenghao sad ground is silent as the grave went away.
Today flower painful extremely, unidentified Bai Wei what, doesn't Min Zhenghao of more than 10 years like him carry a torch so she?

Today flower originally beautiful and clever, what have rich and powerful person again is familial become backer, also once had the kind-hearted heart that helps a person, why can you cannot get Min Zhenghao's love?
Today flower do not know, wear when her heart traditional Chinese clothes when hating, be impossible to win Min Zhenghao's love.
Today flower from most begin envy to grow today, to later jealousy grows today hutch art, should see dark love old Min Zhenghao to send brush to give long today when, today flower began to become envy and hate from jealousy. When when incident is being embezzled in growing to investigate palace together with Min Zhenghao today, today flower envy and hate rises for deep-rooted animosity!
Then a chain of evil thought, climbed immediately today flower on the face... Min Zhenghao is right today flower manner also from arrive nearly far, from arrive in person scanty, go further more.

Min Zhenghao says affectionately today to growing: "Although happened so eventful, but you are so firm still! But you are so firm still!!
Grow to say today: "I am not firm, do not know to still have what method however, can let my subsist. Can let my subsist..
This one word, the heroic spirit that aroused Min Zhenghao immediately -- what a man needs most before a woman is " sense of pride " .
He says: "Xu wife, begin from now, can I help you partake your anguish and sadness? Can I help you partake your anguish and sadness??
... this is today flower a word that hopes Min Zhenghao says to oneself most.
Ke Jinying is with what grouse mood requests, make with the interest coerce, min Zhenghao went away naturally.

The consideration that the woman hopes to get a man, receive commitment, get concentrated... when she is couldn't get from beginning to end, can begin " grouse " ; Grouse long when still be being couldn't get, upgrade possibly " complain " , finally, "Complain " still can upgrade " resentment " .
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