Fight in some places one by one of 8 day and night two provinces 3 city nearly 1
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Beijing message: Came 21 days on May 14, sound of China of combination of department of market of culture ministry culture is in Yunnan of the fight in some places one by one inside 8 day and night, Zhejiang like association, CCTV two provinces 3 city, executive assault acts, with one action carries sound of edition of nearly 20 pilfer of Kunming city, justice black city, Hangzhou city to manage shelter feature and storehouse like goods, check capture on the spot of all kinds illegal sound resembles product many 6000, nearly 1 million dishes (box) , phonic resembling market processing is rectified " check " special operation is pushed further to the climax.

"Check " special operation is started in city of Liaoning province Dalian above all, this action is caused in the whole nation great shake. May, the basis informs against the clue that the person provides, after understanding of department of market of culture ministry culture saves Kunming city and Zhejiang to save justice black city, Hangzhou city to manage a place to shut centrally in phonic resembling goods to Yunnan, partial owner still gathers in place or around, continue to be engaged in violating management activity, the influence is extremely abominable, organized concerned personnel to undertake for many times to above area early or late then dark seek investigation, defined action focal point, undertook careful deploy and division of labor.

14 days, 18 days, kunming, more than dishes 40.

On May 14, department of market of culture ministry culture and Chinese sound resemble party of association, CCTV 7 people arrive at Kunming, undertook trying to find out the real intention investigating to 4 firm already objectives again, confirm dark visit a circumstance to be belonged to completely solid. On May 15, department of culture ministry market visits branch of market control of Kunming city culture and check team jointly with Yunnan, act quickly, arrive at above all be located in Kunming Xin Huayin to brush 3 factories the big Hua Yin of 2 buildings resembles, 4 stars sound resembles inn, two sound that discover head day still is being managed already all used the goods shelves that puts original sound to resemble product to hold off like the back room of inn, look carefully at not carefully, do not look to give within to still have management place at all. Below the requirement of check personnel, business personnel opens dark door, head day still is put shipshapely, replete the pilfer edition sound of whole house resembles goods already was being transferred by the same night for the most part, through careful check, the pilfer edition that has not enough time to transfer still has many 200, more than dishes 50 thousand (box) .

Ever since, major check personnel moves city of recreation of barbecue of division atmosphere road 2 buildings, head day still does not have card to manage a nest to nod iron gate lock in two of shipment, operator does not know a footprint. Below the condition that affirms pilfer edition had be notted transfer further, check personnel levers iron gate, executive assault check, and phone announcement owner is present accept an inspection. As we have learned, two manage shelter feature to all be in before without card Xi Chang manages pilfer edition in electric equipment city. Removed from electric equipment city September from last year after coming out, they continue to be engaged in be being managed illegally in barbecue city all the time, time is as long as of 8 months long. Pass careful check finally, shelter feature is managed to add up to without card in these two hunt down illegal sound to resemble product 1312, about 150 thousand dishes (box) .
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