Sound of examination of culture department do a crash job violates goods to come
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On May 21 CCTV

Culture ministry is right recently the sound of city of 5 provinces area and foreland of the eastpart part resembles southwest the market undertook assault is checked, the result discovers product of partial steel edition comes from home's standard publication unit.

Market of small commodities of justice black city is saved in Zhejiang, inspection team is in discover 7 underground sound runs check point like goods continuously in the day, check capture to violate phonic resembling goods 320 thousand dishes.

Sound of department of culture ministry market resembles be in Chen Tong of deputy director general: This piece of dish is the pilfer edition product that domestic legal product line produces, they escape punishment through ironing the means of the code, but the CD that we were not ironed to pile up according to this piece, can trace the origin that resembles product to these illegal sound.

In Yunnan Kunming downtown " the dish of radium " wait for the news with a few bigger dimensions to resemble interlinking inn, examination staff discovers pilfer edition CD, VCD cans be found everywhere, place on goods shelves to make public a sale. Examination staff hunted down nearly 200 thousand dishes inside a few days.

Culture ministry market manages vice director Zhang Xin builds: The ground is new promulgate " regulation of phonic resembling goods " , the country increased the condemnatory strength that resembles product to running illegal news, this year in June, we want new nucleus to send business certificate, manage to breaking the law be aed string of 1 of card, its will not allow to continue to be engaged in phonic resembling goods managing inside 10 years.