Phonic resembling goods should build network express train or bus
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This year in April, the news that culture ministry announces according to the State Council was released like goods regulation new " sound is wholesale like goods, retail, rental administrative measure " , this one " method " begin to apply since April 10. The administrative measure before contrast, we discover not hard, besides increase condemnatory strength, outside system of further perfect management, the grand opera of new management measure centers inside the current domain of phonic resembling course of study: According to this one " method " , what cannot have phonic resembling product except the SOHO is wholesale with chain outside, will cooperate to state-owned, collective, individual and China and foreign countries wait for forms of all sorts of system of ownership to open the market, apply to those who record record player of substantial tape, video tape, disc, laser and laser to inspect dish of enharmonic to resemble product is wholesale, retail and rental wait for an activity.

Industry public figure is active to this manner, because the new managing that what method place is aimed at, just is right Chinese sound resembles an industry for quite a long time the one big the crux of the problem of chronic illness. This one crucial point is: The emission that system issue brings forestall, bring about original sound small like product sales volume, the price is high; Pilfer edition sound gets a change to step in like goods, because the price is high,original sound resembles product, sales volume is minorrer, thereby the price is higher... was immersed in the odd group that escapes hard; And the original product source that brings from this is stagnant, farther encourage of pilfer edition rampant.

The swift and violent development of Internet, the bitter fleabane rise suddenly that brought commerce rises. The successful engraft of phonic resembling course of study and electronic business affairs, drove our country sound to resemble rising abruptly of electronic business affairs strong. For this, culture ministry was released " the announcement that concerns an issue about the activity is being run on network of phonic resembling product " , this file resembles product with sound of normative our country to promoting manage on the net had positive effect. Consume in the network gradually arisen below the setting that develops quickly with contemporary hi-tech, stimulative electron business affairs and sound resemble the confluence that industry grows, extend phonic resembling product current new approach, raise ethical sound to resemble product market competition ability, satisfy the culture life requirement of consumer better, become a government symphonious the common cause that resembles electronic commerce industry.

Culture ministry market manages concerned official shows, developing business affairs of phonic resembling electron energetically is managing above all current cost. Phonic resembling goods will be abided by onefoldly no longer from total wholesale unit, this locality wholesale unit, this locality is retail the flounder process of the unit, current cost can be reduced considerably; Original price also will no longer because layer upon layer add and reside do not fall high, tend in the memory of consumer gradually reasonable. Was to develop market share next. Business affairs of phonic resembling electron this kind of new medium of circulation is not the market is contended for in the wholesale, retail unit with traditional pattern, went to antenna extend however the place of beyond the reach of one's power of traditional and retail business. The 3rd, change sale way. Business affairs of phonic resembling electron is having his distinctive rule and pattern, it cannot be activity of traditional business affairs only the reprint on the network. Have actual strength publish an unit to will enlarge a sale to cover range through Internet, before the sort of market trade, order goods meeting general becomes livelily more the friendship of the couplet that make friend that resembles industry colleague. The 4th, portray new-style company. Resemble running an unit to Chinese sound for, electronic business affairs is a kind of advanced technology measure not just, more a kind those who improve management efficiency is brand-new run way. Electronic business affairs is being used to market development, resource, client service, trade the respect such as mode is brought change while, also will model give a batch of actual strength the abundant, new-style news that runs science resembles running a company, become leader China sound to resemble the main strength of an army of market trend. The 5th, quicken market standard. The development of electronic business affairs should be built on the market economy base that develop, need good credit foundation, finance especially service, deserve to send the photograph such as the system form a complete set. The 6th, pull movable course of study to develop. The introduces more will scientific ground to deepen phonic resembling industry interior of electronic business affairs divides the work, recombine industrial chain, at this moment the revolutionary force of electronic business affairs just is released truly. Altogether, from Chinese sound current like the market condition looks, electronic business affairs is change importantly force.
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