The 8th film performs art to learn award to drive prize now
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This is true old, medium, blueness the grand meeting of home of 3 acting cinematics, all name audiences familiar to the ear can detailed, plum actor of silent, Yu Yang, Chen Jiang, Tian Hua, Xie Jin, Feng Xiaogang, Chen Rubin, arrowroot, Li Xuejian, Zhang Fengyi, . Such film grand occasion awards prize in similar motion picture is peerless in the activity. Tonight, the arena that many 120 film performs artist and star to will be on Shenzhen great theater and roc city audience witness the 8th film to perform artistic society to award prize jointly.

Chinese film performs art to learn vice director of standing vice-chairman, organizing committee Mr Chen Rubin to introduce to the reporter, award prize-giving activity learning in what Shenzhen holds is undertake from 18 days. During, will hold institutional award prize-giving evening party and seminar of film show learning. The actor that attends the evening party this shares more than 120, among them the age is 88 the biggest years old, the least gift is many 20 the age years old, can saying is 3 acting guild. Among them artist of old, medium, youth is occupied each 1/3. With before a few photograph comparing, the old face in the star decreased, new face grow in quantity, the younger actor that has new initiate especially attends, besides obtaining the old artist Xie Tian of lifelong achievement award to cannot attend a meeting due to illness, other all of actor of 20 bear the palm is present.