Countrywide sound is straightened basically like market control system
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Beijing message: Carry out since Feburary 1 this year " regulation of phonic resembling goods " regulation, "Branch of administration of culture of the State Council is the responsible sound entrance like goods, wholesale, retail with hack supervisory government works " , "The entrance that service of culture of government of people of place of prefectural class above is in charge of the sound inside area of politics of one's own profession resembling product, wholesale, retail with hack supervisory government works " . According to " byelaw " regulation and culture ministry requirement, concerned area is active lawfully administration, to the end of April, the 5 provinces city such as Chongqing, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Gansu Province and Tianjin finishs phonic resembling early or late market control function hands over the job. Lying except Beijing at present in joining a course beyond, countrywide sound is unified like the market manage by various culture branch, ended to come for years thereby the state that sound of a few area resembles amlposition of across of market control function, fluctuation, the standard management that resembles the market to add ictus offerred system to ensure.

In joining a course, it is Party committee, government takes seriously, 2 it is to concern a branch to cooperate actively. Chongqing city allots a file by general office of municipal Party committee, municipal government, the function of clear and departmental door raises a requirement; Jiangxi province and the Gansu Province held a governor to office conference undertakes harmony and allot conference summary, the Gansu Province increases 5 work outs and funds of 200 thousand yuan of administration to save culture check band; Shanxi province is made up handle next hair documents and give culture hall transfer an administration authorized strength. The branch such as bureau of wide report of Chongqing, Shanxi tells overall situation to do real thing, hand in documentation already, teach a method again, pass experience, make hand over the job to undertake smoothly in order.

Afore-mentioned area culture branches already began administrative work normally.

As we have learned, beijing municipal Party committee, municipal government leads a comrade to already made written instructions, the requirement concerns a section as soon as possible according to the State Council " byelaw " the regulation is dealt with hand over formalities. Culture bureau had made Beijing have sex plan consolidates measure with next markets, resemble the confused situation of the market with turning round Beijing sound as soon as possible.
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