Capture contrabanded Shenzhen custom recently CD 1.98 million pieces
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Shenzhen message: In the light of smuggling the element attempts to use volume small, ask to landing requirement not fast small-sized boats and ships undertakes contrabanding an activity, shenzhen custom is stationed in 3 islands agency all the time since the job that will undertake to the small-sized shipping of come-and-go HongKong and Macow custom is superintended often is caught indefatigable. On June 6, shenzhen custom is stationed in 3 islands agency to weigh a fist to hit out again, in roc bay big star hill adds coastal waters region, hunt down smuggling CD big case one case, capture CD 1.981 million pieces.

That day afternoon at 3 o'clock, the member that close adds coastal waters area in big star hill according to clew when the key checks associate with ship, intercept and capture to pull fisher without brand woodiness sheet. When suppress smuggling mosquito craft is stood by quickly to target boat, the member be suspected of contrabanding a person on the boat tears open the communication navigational aid on the boat hurriedly, command aircraft ship the system to destroy, abandon ship to escape in a flurry by reinforce cockboat subsequently. Tall wave of offshore at that time wind is urgent, smuggling fisher lead plane jockeys, and the space that there are ten meters only by the side of off shore, hull is pushed by surge ceaselessly to reef, produce collision continuously, the condition is quite critical, the member that close ascends a boat instantly, have dynamical rush to repair in engine room and cockpit separately. Through nervous rush to repair, the member that close opens smuggler region of danger zone leaving high eventually. Via preliminary check-out, smuggling CD hides in all on the boat 1.981 million pieces, it is bawdy CD partly among them.

This is Shenzhen custom is stationed in 3 islands agency after afterwards hunted down case of CD of 824 thousand pieces of smuggling on May 28, be opposite contraband an element sink to be hit again again.
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