Wu Ji grand pats play to get hurt badly group of produce a film is right acciden
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Wu Ji grand patted play to suffer the message of serious injury to caring the heart of numerous filmgoer recently, but " teenager adventure king " the personnel of group of produce a film is right however of media cover closely guard a secret, call a person incomprehensible.

The phone is interviewed by kick a ball

Last noon, reporter first this drama directs get through one of Liang Mou's mobile phones, enquire the condition of an injury of Wu Ji grand, liang Mou is answer path first
: "I take the issue of play simply, other not clear. " when the reporter asks Wu Ji grand takes sport, get hurt? Ma Mou determines reporter status with failing for hang up phone. Make Liang Mou telephone call again, discovery has been been in close plane position.

Reporter get through mobile phone of another director Ma Mou. Listen to a reporter to ask about Wu Ji grand, he says nervously: "How do you know my phone? " also push next say not to understand a situation, let a reporter enquire to office of group of produce a film.

The reporter makes the telephone call office of group of produce a film, very amazed ground asks the young lady that pick up the telephone: "How are you informed this telephone number? " next mood says curtly: "I was not necessary to be reported to you. " the condition of an injury that the reporter shows to reader and filmgoer pay close attention to Wu Ji grand very, the hope finds chief to understand a situation, this young lady says to want to make reply to the ability after leading ask for instructions.

Find gentleman of goosefoot of this drama production, he expresses to attending a meeting no-go conversation. Ask to whether hurt be related ceremoniously to discuss the way to deal with a situation for Wu Ji, his not express an opinion with respect to hang up phone.

Wu Ji grand is in fracture more

According to " Fosan daily " a reporter introduces, wu Ji grand enters hospital of Nanhai city big drop at present, and all the time bodyguard fathers add guard, do not let any stranger stand by. This reporter wants to take picture of a piece of spot originally, but fear is forced at bodyguard power and prestige give u. This reporter still gets an information through acquaintance explore: The condition of an injury of Wu Ji grand is really serious, confirm many is in fracture.

Wu Ji grand suffers serious injury, the attitude of closely guard a secret makes group of produce a film the person is incomprehensible. The reporter receives a newspaper to expect the phone is backward the day before yesterday inquiry of group of produce a film, they say to get hurt without the person at the beginning, claim external again later Wu Ji grand is sprain only foot. Now soon the message block of hospital of occupy of Wu Ji grand does not live, play greatly again case too extremely came.

Travel wife thinks: Wu Ji grand suffers serious injury is an accident, to the accident, the thing that concerned respect of inland should do the first times is: Severe add confidential.
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