2000 songs confuse ASOS visit Singapore contend for see " abnormal girl "
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ASOS of ocean net dispatch goes to Singapore conduct propaganda to gain enthusiastic response, the song is confused meet meeting site is squeezed watertightly, 1 building stands to 3 buildings full person.

-- 2000 song confusing scream wildly, ASOS danger confuses claw by enthusiastic song!

-- " abnormal girl " have " mad " proponent, big S Xu Xiyuan and Di of small S Xuxi will be special newly " abnormal girl
" conduct propaganda, did not think of Singapore song is confused can arrive more make them frighten jump.

-- yesterday of big S small S (midday of 6.22) the world 3 when in hill of Singapore green jade the 8th station held " abnormal girl ASOS the first time meet meeting " , audience reaction is unusually enthusiastic.

-- meet when meeting end, big S small S steps down arena, have tens of both hands immediately to them head on and come, the person that sponsor fortunately prepared iron column before, the song is confused and big S small S just can maintain a paragraph of distance.

-- think with what God grasps handclasp song confusing sees lay a finger on is less than two people only originally, situation is urgent under consistent and forward bend, all but overturns baluster.

-- two people are in later 10 come the name ensures public security and the assembly room leaves below the staff member's protection, mad song is confused continue to want press close to they, besides the name that making two people ceaselessly, projecting arm returns nearly claw big S and small S.

-- two people have 5 years to did not send special, this also is Singapore song is confused people see them for the first time, won't let off any opportunities that are close to them of course.

-- so, 2000 songs of present support confuse the green jade hill yesterday afternoon the 8th station is squeezed watertightly, 1 building stands to 3 buildings full person, occasion is very lively.

-- ASOS also did not let a song confuse people disappointed, besides display on the song in new special " abnormal girl thinks the person is written down " , " I am fed up with you " and " the party of sisters " outside, return an edge to sing an edge to pose, let a song confuse people take a picture to the top of one's bent.

-- do laugh small S even brainwave easily, exert " golden pheasant is independent " , teased song confusing.

-- holding in the arms originally go vacationing the mood goes the big S small S of Singapore, obtain many songs to be entertained enthusiasticly what confuse to Singapore, let them feel extremely flattered a bit.

-- the personnel of Taiwan conduct propaganda of big S small S still discloses, if attend,big S laughs at character meet the number of the meeting has 20 people, she can break rules to be confused for the song people autograph.

-- did not think of the attendance is 100 times more, and some people in the morning 10 when present wait, make two people feel happy unceasingly.
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