"Cruel cummer " Quan Zhixian is worn " red demon " the ball is taken cheer for K
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Quan Zhixian of Korea female star publicized the film to Taiwan a few days ago " my cruel cummer " , although she works outerly personally, but also care team of him nation football to be in very the match of the world cup.

Day work ends before Quan Zhixian, return a hotel to admire Korea namely the ball game to Spain. Quan Zhixian is more consistent " red demon " (round) of Korea country sufficient fan, the gules clothes that changes Korea fan to love to wear most admires a match, encourage before the television.

When two teams are added hind hit and, want to shoot 12 cent victory or defeat, korea result with 5 walk along Spain than 3 gas, infiltrate smoothly 4 strong. Ground of caper of Quan Zhixian after the event says: "Wear gules dress so effective really. "Wear gules dress so effective really..

Say in the Quan Zhixian of Taiwan personally: "Taiwan is our lucky place really, che Taixian is publicized last, korea team also wins a ball. Nevertheless, I feel the regret is cannot see a world cup together with family. I feel the regret is cannot see a world cup together with family..

In addition, all along the Quan Zhixian that be addicted to eats seafood, during Taiwan is publicized engorge seafood shrimp, and Yi Ren already finished propagandist work to leave Taiwan yesterday.