Film and TV series about prosperity: the scientific view of history reflects the
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Television is a creative art aesthetic to reflect the historical process, depicting social change. Can not correctly reflect the history and reveal the nature of social development, relationship to the people the right perception of history, the state of the nation's cultural identity. Establish what kind of history, what kind of attitude to reflect the history, reflect social, not personal preference issue, but a serious historical responsibility. Materialist conception of history reveals the development of human society, is the concept of Marxist literary theory foundation is the reality of history and the aesthetic reflects an ideological weapon. To maintain the correct orientation film created to promote the prosperity and development of film and television industry, the scientific view of history must guide our creation.

Complex historical phenomena, correctly reflect the history, art history, the key is representation from the whole, to grasp the essence from the contacts, the performance of the mainstream. Contradictions in any society are to develop, we need to reveal the film and television creative social conflicts, the need for artistic fiction, but this revealing and fiction should be built on the basic facts and history of the faithful on the basis of the nature and guide people to recognize the historical development and direction of the mainstream. Now, some people in dealing with historical issues as the existence of such a vague understanding of history, intentionally or unintentionally blur and distort history; some new bold imagination with the so-called "Interpretation of History", the hero, subversive evaluation of historical events; Some claimed that "farewell revolution" and smear the history of modern Chinese revolution, the party's history and the People's Republic of history. Although the scope of these trends is limited, but it is worth a high degree of vigilance. It should be said, how to treat the history of modern Chinese revolution, how to look at the history of the party's leadership struggle of the people, business history, the history of reform and opening up, involving the party and the country's fundamental beliefs concerning belief in the Chinese people involved in national development in the future. Our Film and TV are responsible for maintaining the dignity of history, to reproduce the true art of modern times, generation after generation of people with lofty ideals to explore the way of salvaging the country's unremitting struggle to reproduce the true art of the Chinese Communist Party to achieve national independence and liberation and the bloody sacrifice of the difficult journey the real art of leadership of the party people of all nationalities to reproduce the socialist revolution, construction and creation of the great achievements of reform and opening to better stimulate the patriotism of people love the party, firmly take the socialist road with Chinese characteristics and confidence.

The people are the creators of history, correctly reflect the history, art history must reproduce the masses of the people fully reflect the fundamental role of creating history. History of the evolution of human development, in essence, is the masses of the people to create material wealth and spiritual wealth of history. Outstanding personalities of historical materialism have never denied the role of the historical development, but more emphasis on the great masses of the people the power to create history. Now, some film and television works exaggerated emperor's role in history, and some interested in the performance of "trickery culture", to reflect the general lack of enthusiasm for the masses. This is actually the main role of the people despise and belittle, do not meet the historical development of the objective reality. Video art is public art, people, art, from the people, belongs to the people. We must take people as the main visual arts performance and service subject, striving to make history with the spirit of the people to feed themselves, pregnant people, emotions, write people's life, reflecting the emotions of ordinary people, showing ordinary people's mental outlook, sing for the people, for the people lyric, for the people call for artists to be welcomed by the people.

Chinese culture is the common spiritual home, correctly reflect the history, art reproduction history of our national culture must adhere to the position. The heritage of Chinese culture, steeped in the deepest spirit of Chinese people to pursue, including the Chinese nation's spirit in the most fundamental not only for the people, their lives, provides rich nutrition to grow, but also for the progress of human civilization has made a unique contribution still time to shine shine. Now, expand the scope of China's opening up in a larger, more frequent cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign. This not only gives us the results of world civilization and borrowing opportunities, but also a challenge to the national culture, adhere to the position of national culture, so self-consciously self-confidence, it is particularly important. Our outstanding films and television shows if you do not convey the national culture is a kind of numbness and dereliction of duty. Each film workers are responsible should always think about the profound culture of know how many, how much is left in our hands, how many do on the cultural heritage. To clear understanding of the fine traditional culture of China's historical significance and practical value, highlight the theme of our cultural ideals, cherish the history of our cultural heritage, the Chinese value the unique human spirit, and always maintain the respect of senior sages on the splendid culture of piety in order to fine national culture nourishes the vitality, creativity inspired the nation, casting national cohesion.