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Peng Jing classic style in mind 6 In today's era of speed reading, reading but also to have a choice, a famous writer Peng Jing wind that through the works of temper, each book have a result of many years of practice, readers learn to cherish the fruits of their labor at the time to read more , Reading, book to broaden their horizons. This year has been 80 years old Peng, that does not exclude you go to find books, look at movies and television practice, which sometimes is also a stimulating read. But every one who really read the original will find that only the book only has a lasting vitality into the hearts of lingering memory. "Border Town" of: Shen If nothing else works, a mere "Border Town", enough for Shen name immortal. Shen Congwen's pen in the "Border Town" is a refreshing fairy tale, a beautiful pastoral. But it is not pure crystal of, but with a bit thin bleak. Very simple story, a beautiful small town, three simple good boys and girls, so the story infected with the taste of spring, quiet and beautiful highlights between the trace of sadness in that. "Border Town" and laid a Shen historical status in the literary history, which is entrusted with the Shen "beauty" and "love" the aesthetic ideals, his work is the most beautiful part of human nature. Every reader will for the "Border Town" presents human nature is so beautiful, so light mood, the atmosphere so fresh, so alcohol aftertaste Er Chen Zui. Although the "Border Town" in the stories and some far away now, but share the nature and beauty of it is constant, in the reader's mind will be like a lotus in full bloom. "The Storm beginning of mind" of: Sun Li Sun Li's "initial situation in mind," is a classic contemporary novel, the work place full of bright colors, writing graceful, bright and natural, unique style. With the theme of war, "the early situation in mind," rarely depict blood and fire, there is no plot twists and turns, there is no description of a complex war, but more to show the beauty of the mind the characters in the war, but the magic of its own kind of attractive power. Study should not only proceed from the interest, and sometimes some of the various periods of time will make you famous perspective, and mind open-minded and learn the wisdom of the book, feel the share is the essence of truth, with the power of faith hold up tomorrow's sun, candle light by thought our souls. "Rulin biography" of: Wu Jingzi "Scholars" to create a direct evaluation of novel real-life examples, and "Dream of Red Mansions" together, marking the novel mature content and form. "Rulin biography" will Rulin the most real, most pungent, the most humorous side of the show in front of the reader, reading seen to do for himself. Reading is not only free your mind, because as I used also, with one of the reasons to answer my own life. "Western Front" of: Mary Alec Mark Erich German writer Remak, made only three career life: soldiers, journalists and writers. Is one such person, to show us the battle is so true. Compared with the general theme of war, Remak has not brutal account of war as the main target, but focus on a few ordinary soldiers in the rear of the living. It is these details and the war front in sharp contrast: one is a beast on the battlefield, leaving the battlefield is an ordinary person. "Western Front" reveals not only the war in the bloody, more as people share a unique self-esteem and humanity. "Sun Li prose anthology" of: Sun Li Many people will feel that Sun Li's prose is too plain, but also draws no sentences, no fancy rhetoric, narrative writing were mostly line drawing. But it is a classical Chinese prose, with age, the deepening of experience, you will find Sun Li's essays pay attention to emotional restraint, subtle and refined, simple and clean, like in the water washing over like, is a gorgeous most attributed to plain "great beauty." Sun Li is often commonplace things from the sublimation of a feeling of life in the work pool, which makes clear the deep life fantastic, not only gives aesthetic enjoyment, the more people realize about life from social and natural reason. Reading his prose, like listening to a calm and easygoing vicissitudes of the wise men to talk to, need to calm down, time to read what. "Three Kingdoms" of: Luo Guanzhong Really read "Three Kingdoms", not many people, its value lies in the war on the description and characterization, the character of psychological change, the flexible use of tactics of war, and some are not reflected in the drama. Return to the original novel, you can feel the character of each battle of wits. Reading should be read not only the characters and story, but also the structure of the book, the language of a test, every piece of work, will give readers perspective to open another window.