Zhang Qin: Outdoors music division ought not to make concept of a bogus
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Musical division is a good red-letter day, can attract a lot of tourists not only, return the economic income that can increase this locality, looking is very double winning project, the musical division that can be now does not have bother about of how many person however, although again red singer, do not pass send ticket and the rate of seat of honour that how much next great power conduct propaganda do not have at all, income of prep let alone, rely on entrance ticket to be equal to the suicide namely simply, what the income with musical main item leans is advertisement and assistance, actually assistance and advertisement do not have what distinction, it is same. Musical division is in of commerce run left machine of a business, did not have former juice raw ingredient of music, the shrivelled furrow that goes up as old lady face, squeeze the moisture that how much also does not have again, ache only.