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Channel of xinhua net Chongqing (Ren Chunyan) just go " 11 " area of scene of each travel of large sufficient county presents the golden week the setting with an one clique lively prosperity! Yesterday, the author learns from bureau of tourism of large sufficient county, "11 " this county full extent recieves the golden week global tourist (caliber of city travel statistic) two hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred and sixty person-time, grow 108.41% compared to the same period, tourist attraction of area of its medium shot recieves one hundred and forty-seven thousand and sixty person-time, grow 90.25% compared to the same period, income of travel entrance ticket eleven million one hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred yuan, grow 495.19% compared to the same period, travel gross earnings one hundred and eighteen million three hundred and forty thousand yuan, grow 144.05% compared to the same period.