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Contest of ad of TV of first CCTV international today autumn roll out
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" AD grand ceremony " -- , contest of ad of CCTV international TV is making preparations in full blast, will knock big play noisy at was in Beijing in September 2002, the advertisement that rolls out prize-giving celebration of contest of advertisement of commonweal of TV of prize-giving celebration of contest of ad of CCTV international TV, CCTV and audience ceremoniously to love at the appointed time reachs advertisement actor prize-giving celebration to wait for 3 grand prize-giving activities.

" AD grand ceremony " -- , contest of ad of CCTV international TV engineers an organization meticulously by Chinese CCTV, the contest spreads out with the form of mobile week, the series that 3 big prize-giving celebration comprise awards prize celebration activity will be among them the most important the component with highest tide. " AD grand ceremony " it is the large ad match that has professional, authority and international force above all, carry this activity, firm of domestic and international ad will obtain to reveal actual strength, more intellective than going all out platform; " AD grand ceremony " more enrich ceaselessly, year answer grand ceremony of a year. Begin from 2002, the CCTV will invite the whole world every year to devote oneself to the personage copolymerization China that advertising group develops, had been born in this economy flies on miraculous land, drive TV advertising high speed to take off.

Contest of ad of CCTV international TV includes two main component among them: Contest of international TV ad and contest of TV commonweal advertisement. Advertisement contest will invite international TV to come from the whole world please the famous expert of the 21 ad industry of different country comprises a commissioner to meet, commissioners will be a standard with the level that make with advertisement originality, to taking part in the match work undertakes evaluating, all taking part in the match work will judge an optimal director, optimal art guidance, optimal achieve acrobatics of saying of effect of music, optimal vision, optimal photography, optimal acoustics, optimal editing and rearrangement, optimal dialogue, optimal ad, optimal computer to wait formerly 10. The mobile tenet of contest of TV commonweal advertisement is to carry out Jiang Zemin's secretary-general " 3 delegates " serious thought, conduct propaganda is fulfilled " citizen morality construction carries out compendium " , improve the thought morality quality of entire nation, stimulative socialism cultural and ideological progress, the society that enlarges commonweal career participates in gender and social consequence, promote the development of career of advertisement of our country commonweal.

" AD grand ceremony " -- , contest of ad of CCTV international TV is the match of global TV ad that Chinese mainland runs first, the mark sex incident that native land advertising of the China below the period setting that will join WTO as China and world conform and be record in Chinese medium and advertising to develop annals.
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