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Concerned personage is anxious to hit black anti-corruption drama to be immersed
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The near future, large quantities of one public security, detect subject matter teleplay to begin to be broadcasted livelily in the screen again rise. Be prototype with case of white treasure mountain " dead end " in BTV-4 broadcast just end, of case of Xu Dong of bridge of north of draw materials Yu Dong " do not let off you absolutely " begin to broadcast again; " suppress smuggling wants record team " after ending a mission, " the accused " enter the court immediately afterwards. In the meantime, the week of Beijing international TV that consults to just ended in May uploads the information that come, teleplay of public security subject matter still will continue to become the main subject matter of next year screen. But, at present the good and bad are intermingled of the level that make of teleplay of this one type, mode is changed, the tendency of deal in generalities is become " auspicious " an undercurrent that move emerges below market situation. Borrow the opportunity that at present a batch of teleplay that are setting with hitting black anti-corruption hold screen gold file once more, the problem that the reporter exists with respect to its interviewed concerned personage.

■ anti-corruption makes fun of already whole set road

" do not let off you absolutely " director Lei Xianhe says, work of movie and TV of cheap of latter anti-corruption initiate accepts favour in the market, a lot of people are patting anti-corruption to make fun of now, but review rise, "It is play arrives more there just pat " , he is patted at the outset " heavy snow does not have mark " when namely such, ever sowed in CCTV heat " should close " , " harships heaven and earth " , " thunderbolt hits out " also be such, include Zhao Baogang, he pats " gules carnation " also did not jump out to cover a region this. "I should become full-time anti-corruption director, want to walk out of play to look for the director's circle namely, what play anti-corruption, I pat what, do not have a play, I look for case story to write, anyhow, should make my play henceforth dedicated at anti-corruption, into card of series, finished product! " he expresses, " do not let off you absolutely " hind still can cast again immediately take a sport, make these play are become " anti-corruption hits black trilogy " , or cry " " heavy snow does not have mark " trilogy " .

Shi Jianzhong of editor in chief of center of culture of movie and TV of aegis of gold of the Ministry of Public Security induced the problem that the teleplay of subject matter of current concerned public security, case exists: 1. Of subject matter direction great guiding insufficient; 2. Lack understanding to the connotation of constabulary culture; 3. Constabulary figure is in the dig on humanitarian meaning is not deep; 4. Story clue handles optional sex too big. The immediate consequence that these problems cause is, annual the absolute magnitude that teleplay of this kind of subject matter films is most, but good work is rare however.
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