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See Fan Bingbing perform single mother
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Recommend drama anthology: " palace baby "     pays close attention to an index: ★ ★


The first, have a strong lineup. The main actor waits for a key link by Li Xiaoran, Fan Bingbing, Dai Chunrong, free from worry, Kou Zhenhai. And Fanbing puts good to act appear with anther leading player on the ice single mother snow adds fertilizer technically like this one part modester the behavior attitude to pregnant woman of old actor ask for advice.

The 2nd, the plot is bizarre. Be " return Zhugege " later another around " south Qianlong lower reaches of the Changjiang River " the clear outfit play that evolve and becomes.


Division of jade tea division because favour into love, the illegitimate child that falls in love with Qianlong insensibly bright and beautiful great. To prevent sibling incestuous, qianlong makes Yu Ming admeasure and 珅 child Yan De, yu Ming not from, escape with rush out of of illicit of bright and beautiful great, final in pairs drops cliff. Fortunately, 2 people escape from death, however in pairs is broken recall. Jade tea good friend knits the cloud dark love bright and beautiful great, and 15 A Ge Yan is right however the be passionately devoted that knit the cloud, a few pairs are complained male complain female between enemy of affection love hate is worry. Qianlong remorses to explain the crop failure in the heart, the decision is small take search bright and beautiful great, accident encounters however on the road, nearly loses a lot. Through the innumerable trials and hardships, bright and beautiful great returns palace eventually in, qianlong is bestowed favor on to his favour have add, the between numerous prince and empress authority in causing palace again at this moment strives to fight. And at this moment, yu Ming also is abundanted the real situation of heart is touched eventually, decide to marry him eventually.

Be in right now, secret of another Jing day is opened, yan Decai is true Qianlong child, and bright and beautiful great and Yu Ming are not sibling actually, however the son of treacherous court official and 珅 , royalty is immersed in a disorder immediately. To avert tragedy of a human relations, resolute decision identifies the emperor Yan De is Long Zi, grant marriage imperial edict at the same time changeless, jiang Yuming changes
Grant bright and beautiful great. Men and women of a pair of the real situation, after many twists and turns, got perfect final result eventually.
[Relevant special subject] pass He Jie to turn " amusement of meeting " day and in pairs of Hua Yi's brother deny Xu Jinglei to be " Wu Zetian " elder sister of new harbor of traffic accident of the experience in seeking temple choosing view Xie Cuicui dream is medium also: Volant " baby " do not make up very " shine " Zhu Yin wears low bosom to grow skirt bright get along with male friendly sweetness celebrates new special to come out singer ormosia is act indecently towards careful of 7 male Tong Yi is sentenced prince of Williams of 3 years of half imprisonment surmounts George: A person of extraordinary powers that I stay in is the Liu Dehua that he hires curtilage break a contact be accusinged acts art the career meets with possibly " ban in the round " Yan Chengxu ever worked in nocturnal inn look to eat shake one's head bolus person ugly performance 100 bar serve exposes to the sun Su Yongkang: The likelihood changes one's profession Xiao Yaxuan is shown associate with peddles poisonous male friendly anger to accuse recreational magazine to beg countervail after two years 3 million make public " yesterday " obtain Bangkok international film festival Zhang Jizhong of optimal film award: " shoot vulture " Zhou Jie acts so that differ Xie Bei to go to Korea to be a bit the country is sufficient cheer Yan Chengxu and muscularity of Han Xing evil spirit to because shake one's head,call Su Yongkang the likelihood than spelling Hong Kong media bolus incident: The Na Yinggao after day of musical circle of body of platinic disc gold is in deeply cold I should step down a musical circle slowly sexy Zhong Liti accepts CNN visit to talk about sexual love to make fun of (attached drawing) family looks a world cup to forget congratulatory Mo Wenwei
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