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Yan Chengxu and muscularity of Han star evil spirit are compared go all out
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The world cup is the most popular now topic, and li of F4 is being encircled in recreation is the most popular star, a lot of magazines make the title page of a thread-bound book with them in succession in order to enlarge sales volume, and the Yan Chengxu wanting number that cover frequency uses at most.

Magazine of photo of star of first clothbound of Chinese " recreation is infinite " after sales volume breaks through 100 thousand, roll out what make the title page of a thread-bound book with Yan Chengxu again " the Sino-South Korean is right touch " special number of a eriodical. Square delegate is red in the F4 that alls over an Asia, Zhao Wei and Zhou Jielun, and Korea delegate is the HOT that enrages at the height of power and splendour in the Chinese, Yuan Bin and myth, sino-South Korean star will undertake evil spirit muscularity is compared go all out.
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