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Liu Dehua is accused break a contact acts art the career may meet with " ban in
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Ocean net dispatch: De Hua of Liu of day king giant star and appear on the market telecommunications collaboration is built to establish tent movie company in the company, become the actor or artist below the banner from the autograph, bilateral handlers agreement after the at the expiration of one's term of office at the beginning of this year, bilateral partner concern is exasperate; Liu heart Hua Zao is forward tent is chased after denounce 15 million yuan of monetary reward, those who own tent half share is medium build telecommunications to decide to strike back, yesterday (06-18) joins report court, break a contact of charge Liu De Hua, ask for to him be as high as a yuan of compensation, prohibitive Liu makes any shows for other company, execute what ban Liu in the round to act art career.

Telecommunications in case is built in successful and prohibitive Liu Dehua replaces other company performance, liu Dehua is in prohibitive during your become effective, cannot receive take TV, film, ad even fill registers record, estimate 100 million yuan to income loss evens more plan astronomical. When Liu Dehua yesterday passes through reporter of handler reply our newspaper to inquire, express to won't be answered with respect to incident; The spokesman that telecommunications builds in divulges incident already was handed in handle by the lawyer, also won't comment on to incident.

Concert of advertisement of ban experience movie and TV

It is reported, telecommunications is built to pass through Noble Trend International Inc of subordinate and affiliated company in. (Say NTII) enters report below high court, charge Liu De Hua and he is held AGL) calls break a contact below the Ablegate Group Limited(that accuse, telecommunications is built to lose in making offer a batch of total value the opportunity of -673779968 yuan of share, demand compensation of afore-mentioned a huge sum to the other side.

NTII applies for prohibitive your, prohibitive Liu Dehua assumes the business that why competes with NTII for show of other a person of same business, include TV of ad of the film, TV, music, and writing of other image sound (the image sound fill that includes AVCDs and spot desk to go up to be performed with the concert records) .

NTII and in IIL) says below the Immediate Impact Limited(that builds telecommunications banner to fall, respectively hold tent makes limited company 4 into reach become stock, AGL hold the rest of 5 into share, company of movie of limited company of henry Tai Huanyu, tent all is the affiliated company that tent makes.

The tent the year before last year that make and in build telecommunications cooperation, establish tent to make a company, liu Dehua takes up the post of a CEO with partner status, the eaves of henry peaceful annulus that passes through under one's name at two years on January 19, the autograph becomes the actor or artist below the banner of tent film about, both sides cooperates all the time happy.
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