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If Yang Gong makes it clear that the red that be raised by the bag hears: Curtil
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The first Yang Gong is like young lady of Hong Kong Asia to come out recently by Shanghai head the bag raises rich Zhou Zhengyi, a person of extraordinary powers of occupy Hong Kong curtilage half Shan Yujing garden. If Yang Gong came yesterday the stage films new show " everything from marry begin " , speak of this Xiang Fei hearing, if Yang Gong speaks with fervor and assurance the ground says, "He is Shanghai person, when reading aloud kindergarten, know, he is the classmate of hall elder brother, once came to my home play, it is good friend relation. But not be friend of male and female, hong Kong media writes me to be raised to be farfetched bullshit by the bag. Hong Kong media writes me to be raised to be farfetched bullshit by the bag..

The Yang Gong that is brought up in Shanghai as a child if, canada emigrates as family later, return young lady of the Asia on Hong Kong choosing 95 years the first. This year in Feburary if Yang Gong films in Hengdian " neat extremely big emperor on the west travel notes " the vertebra that do an injury, she says, this is old injury reappears, diving swims previously from 6, 7 buildings jump high, as a result the injury arrives vertebral, pat this " on the west travel notes " condole steel wire is hurt again, be free to look for master massage now, let muscle loosen, otherwise every arrive rain, body joint can feel acerbity sick at heart.

This stage of Yang Gong Buddha films the new show of Fang Zhongxin supervise the manufacture of, main actor " everything from marry begin " , there is many kiss to make fun of with Fang Zhongxin in play. Mention hire twenty thousand and ten Hongkong dollar to hire below half Shan Yujing garden with the month, if Yang Gong says, "The house is too expensive, can not afford, be forced to use hired. Take a fancy to this house, but should buy, pass a few years again, try hard to make money! Try hard to make money!!

As to have a boy friend, if Yang Gong says, "Give priority to with the career at present, emotive thing arranges its nature, outside patting a play to want to be in like every, the ground is waited for 3, 4 months, maintain a paragraph of feeling very hard, want a person only now happy good, if somebody is chased after, chase after to the person, very enjoy the feeling that is recalled. " she says, "Not quite stable amour, public meeting is too troublesome, want to explain one time, accordingly, should when marry level just can announce amour. Should when marry level just can announce amour..

Must marry wealthy person? If Yang Gong says, "Can accept the pursuit of any men, won't separate wealthy person or be a poor. " and Fang Zhongxin of report of Hong Kong media and cummer of TV public relations are fair already had married parturient, fang Zhongxin is busy also clear say, "We did not marry, parturient, although be together very long, whether does future marry, should inspect next working status of a few years. "
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