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Williams prince surmounts George - Keluni obtains the name that pick a head diam
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Ocean net dispatch: In recreation the circle has too much and lacy news to may have negative effect to actor, with respect to nondestructive nevertheless they are opposite the appeal of the opposite sex. Seem by E of Hollywood recreation webpage! Online sponsors " the most popular and lone noble " investigation, infiltrate 10 old image thering is no lack of are spent spruce reach often come out the male star that red hears, but they unexpectedly not as good as a student is welcome.

Obtain anthology it is 25 " the most popular and lone noble " man, it is Hollywood star for the most part, nevertheless the first is prince of British Adonis Williams unexpectedly Williams just comes forward 20 years old, and still be a student, but already can attract numerous woman, the younger generation will surpass the older of it may be said. And tall assorted - Haneite (Josh Hartnett) , George - Keluni (George Clooney) and this - Afulaike (although the male star such as Ben Affleck) often comes out red is heard, and figure flower is spruce, do not cross all be among the best of candidates.

Star relatively the star is welcome

Just divorced or also just was very popular very with the male star that cummer parts company, be like Tom - Kelusi (Tom Cruise) , cease - Gelante (Hugh Grant) He Danni this - Kui Er (Dennis Quaid) , also do not escape to spend numerous woman " law eye " . The singer's exposure leads the likelihood from beginning to end not as good as the star is fast, 25 lone nobles are so medium, mark McGrath of Sugar Ray keynote and Latin singer Enrique Iglesias are only selected.

Besides perform actor person to be seleted, athletic star also obtains many females to favor, woods of tiger of ace of O'Neil and high ball occupies team member of group of person of los angeles lake respectively the 25th reachs 21. In addition, in the 2nd part of investigation, jackie - Nielsen (Jack Nicholson) is counted with be close to 5 become hostages, obtain anthology most the lone noble of legend; And Bulade - Pete (Brad Pitt) criterion with the 6 number that become a hostage, become the lone noble that wants to lose least of all in lady eye.
[Relevant special subject] pass He Jie to turn " amusement of meeting " day and in pairs of Hua Yi's brother deny Xu Jinglei to be " Wu Zetian " elder sister of new harbor of traffic accident of the experience in seeking temple choosing view Xie Cuicui dream is medium also: Volant " baby " do not make up very " shine " Zhu Yin wears low bosom to grow skirt bright get along with male friendly sweetness celebrates new special to come out singer ormosia is act indecently towards careful of 7 male Tong Yi is sentenced Wu Jun of 3 years of half imprisonment if: A person of extraordinary powers that I stay in is the Liu Dehua that he hires curtilage break a contact be accusinged acts art the career meets with possibly " ban in the round " Yan Chengxu ever worked in nocturnal inn look to eat shake one's head bolus person ugly performance 100 bar serve exposes to the sun Su Yongkang: The likelihood changes one's profession Xiao Yaxuan is shown associate with peddles poisonous male friendly anger to accuse recreational magazine to beg countervail after two years 3 million make public " yesterday " obtain Bangkok international film festival Zhang Jizhong of optimal film award: " shoot vulture " Zhou Jie acts so that differ Xie Bei to go to Korea to be a bit the country is sufficient cheer Yan Chengxu and muscularity of Han Xing evil spirit to because shake one's head,call Su Yongkang the likelihood than spelling Hong Kong media bolus incident: The Na Yinggao after day of musical circle of body of platinic disc gold is in deeply cold I should step down a musical circle slowly sexy Zhong Liti accepts CNN visit to talk about sexual love to make fun of (attached drawing) family looks a world cup to forget congratulatory Mo Wenwei
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