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Zhang Xueyou on June 28 memoir of direct seeding of concert press conference
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Hong Kong " song god " of Zhang Xueyou " 2008 Beijing expect you " individual concert has been locked up decide the Beijing worker stadium on June 28.

Zhang Xueyou attends the press conference that holds in Beijing restaurant 20 days afternoon, for 28 sing warm up. Sina net had whole course to news briefing spot direct seeding of exclusive video character, let a netizen can be in for a short while the God that close quarters contacts him. It is direct seeding memoir below:

Compere: Attendant friends, the friends of media, everybody is good! Thank your painstaking afternoon presence above all, should say, on June 28, the success of this activity that we expect, we today's meet meeting should say to having very great value. Today the big wrist each media people arrive please here, do in Beijing restaurant so one meets meeting, everybody has what idea, mr Zhang Xueyou can answer everybody one by one a little while, although had considered the issue, I announce now " 2008 Beijing expect you- - Zhang Xueyou the brigade of 2002 music " media meets can begin now, we have sponsor an unit please, undertake the unit communicates culture company general manager Ms. Li Qin to enter the court external on behalf of Beijing.

Li Qin: Acknowledgment comes from the friends of media of countrywide each district, zhang Xueyou the brigade of 2002 music already all over the world, sydney, Melbourne, kuala lumpur comes on stage successfully, field field is hot, achieved the world record of individual concert, 2002 concerts are in Zhang Xueyou show of and other places of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, also scored huge success, we believe, the individual concert that Zhang Xueyou is in Beijing will be more hot, contented audience people expect for a long time. We prepared today " Zhang Xueyou the brigade of 2002 music " the wonderful segment of the concert, we are admired together.

Li Qin: Give everybody introduction first, because stable-companion comes down immediately now, I take the advantage of this empty shelves to say with everybody, beijing held in worker stadium last year in May " new Beijing new Olympic Games " large concert, left deep impression to Beijing citizen, be afraid friends still remember. "2008 Beijing- - expect you " on the foundation that is the concert last year, it is activity of a series, should be, we this activity should do 2008, this is a when Beijing government decides major activity. Can say, this year on June 28 " 2008, Beijing expects you " a grand occasion that this concert is culture activity. After in Beijing Shen Ao succeeds, each job that receives an Olympic Games is begun in order in insecurity, beijing culture bureau, office of Beijing spiritual civilization and Beijing sports bureau decide 3 times to sponsor jointly " 2008, Beijing expects you " this spot is met, we invited Zhang Xueyou the whole class troops of 2008 will hold this concert, the segment that a moment ago saw is his spot in concert of world each district and inland, we had been admired a few. We basically are to think through this large concert publicizes humanitarian Olympic Games, condense popular feeling, drive Beijing to build the aura that gives humanitarian Olympic Games continually, stimulant Beijing citizen is meeting the enthusiasm that keeps rising from beginning to end in each preparation of the Olympic Games. The concert of the brigade stable-companion of 2002 music had a few material and setting to prepare to reporters, hope everybody looks, still have data of a few pictures, also grant authority on a network address, can go clicking, a lot of wonderful pictures are used for everybody. Stable-companion a moment ago went to Beijing restaurant is to be controlled 1:30, make a bit rest to come over immediately, return Hong Kong even immediately this afternoon, go to Taipei attending a concert.
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