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Rabbit Sharansky is also the nationality of overseas Chinese into the show bus
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By classmates as "Rabbit" Wang Mao Mao, is this will be thinking, expressive movements of rabbit Chomsky's "mother." Reading Tips These days, one called "Free Sharansky," the rabbit "marrying" speculation on the network "talk of the town." The children were very Western style, genes are made of pure rabbit, has just been exposed as early as the acquisition of Time Warner two years ago. Is this just what kind of rabbit? Who is the creator of it? Why is Time Warner fancy? Marrying behind on what is to remind the Chinese animation industry? Rabbit Chomsky's "mother", even the long hair is the sight of 25-year-old Mao Mao Wang Tianjin girl. Really makes people think. Communication University of China nearby in a restaurant, rabbit Kaczynski "birthplace" in the vicinity, have been very tired Wang Mao Mao, a talk about "children" Rabbit Chomsky, suddenly excited. Dialogue, the growth of rabbit history from the beginning. "So" does not make sense to "red" In 2006, the sudden popularity of instant messaging tools from a new cartoon image of the rabbit Chomsky: a height of 1.2 m nervous rabbit, 4 years old, slender ears, soft arms, always a very thought appearance, habits, emotional expression with the action. Rabbit Sharansky to fame on the Internet, and soon gathered from a large number of fans and fans. Wang Mao Mao completely "did not expect." Rabbit Chomsky, in fact, only the rabbits like to play in life, was a judge and the students, "Rabbit," the happy girls junior at Communication University of China posted on the blog when the "letter of pens for." Mao Mao's words with the king, rabbit Kaczynski was "inconceivable to turn red." But in the eyes of many, not the case. Wang Mao Mao became "boss" of the Time Warner side of the responsible person said, "although sometimes a bit depressed rabbit Chomsky, but the attitude of its people resonate with life." After the fire rabbit Sharansky, Wang Mao Mao contact with all sorts of people, and the development of rabbit Chomsky is "not a smooth succession." In the first more than a year to rabbit Nowitzki registered in the name of the site is malicious, Wang Mao Mao tried to open studios, do the company and also have failed for various reasons. The end of 2007, ushered in rabbits growth process in the Gaussian first critical node: a millions of Motorola mobile phones, worth a "speak rabbit." This means that "high-end image of the rabbit Sharansky was finally successful positioning." Since then, the rabbit Sharansky began QQ and MSN and other instant messaging tools in the "expression of God" to real life, people and even see a rabbit on the bus card. And Wang Mao-Mao, but also relying on rabbit made money, quickly bought a house in Beijing. As with other domestic animation image, popularity suffered after the rabbit Gaussian piracy problems. For a time, bearing the image of the doll rabbit Chomsky, diaries, pens and other derivatives piracy, overwhelming. Wang Mao Mao: the industry chain is an important part, it is so divided by the pirates away. This is extremely detrimental to the original. This rabbit or "Chinese" Wang Mao Mao in the eyes of rabbits with Time Warner is the Gaussian become attached to another key point of growth. Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, responsible person Huang Yuting, a remote interview with reporters in Hong Kong confirmed that, as early as 2008, rabbits Kaczynski was taken into Turner's family. As a result, only China has become a cartoon rabbit big names "Tom and Jerry," "Bugs Bunny" and "with the door." Mao Mao and Wang after graduating from college joined Time Warner as their "training program for young artists in Asia" to support the first artist. Wang Mao Mao: Time Warner has a good financial and platform, can help achieve many dreams rabbit Chomsky. For example in Hong Kong in March this year, exhibitions, for the rabbit out of a Gaussian several books, has also developed a very sound development path. According to Wang Mao Mao said, Time Warner is only responsible for the operation of the promotion of rabbit Chomsky, and other business publication of a work part, or by the creation of her own commitment. Wang Mao Mao: So, the rabbit Chomsky is not "sold" to Time Warner, at most, be considered "married" out. This rabbit or "Chinese." She was satisfied that this partnership with Time Warner, the company did not immediately carry out commercial operations, but step by step to achieve the sound development of the image. Chomsky on the future development of rabbit, Huang Yuting said Turner will focus on the development aspects of rabbits in the Greater China market, Gaussian, has been appointed as brand agents rabbit Sharansky, will expand outside the field in the digital rabbit Chomsky coverage level; agents has now undertaken to explore business opportunities in a variety of products, including electronic goods, clothing, sporting goods, furniture, furnishings, gifts and more. But she admitted that "can not determine whether rabbit Chomsky like Harry Potter and the silver screen." However, the new king of cooperation to a new feeling of Mao Mao. For example, the "crazy" ideas. Wang Mao Mao: They (Time Warner) often make my "crazy idea." Creative director always encouraged me, "the idea is very creative, but can be a little crazy? Be a little crazy rabbit Sharansky more fun!" This and many mainland companies prior to co-operation is not the same. However, the industry is not so optimistic as Wang Mao Mao. Some people worry that, by Time Warner, "incorporate", follow the Hollywood commercial lines, originally created personalized rabbit Sharansky may have to compromise to the commercialization, and other cartoon characters has become identical. Animation, will draw even more to be "sold" The rabbit Chomsky marrying people feel happy and make people worry. In 2009, the State Council promulgated the "Cultural Industry Promotion Plan" will focus on the development of animation industry in national categories of cultural industries. 2010, the Chinese animation market size up to 20.8 billion. In recent years, China turned out a lot of cartoon characters and quickly became popular, "You laugh monkey", "Zhang box" ... ... "A very interesting phenomenon is that these cartoon characters are not from a professional animation company." One of the industry who said, "You laugh monkey," the company originally made the game, "Zhang box" company used to be advertised. "The industry people to lead the industry marginal phenomenon can be said that the Chinese animation industry, a great landscape." However, due to a late start, the industry spread, lack of independent research and development capabilities, the competitiveness of China's animation industry is still weak. Wang Mao Mao: The animation of the country, the marketing and creative sense of awareness is equally important. "Zhang box" cartoon image of the founder Mr Gray believes that not only painted a good image, it is "selling out". A lot of animation Mainland minds of marketing practitioners, location awareness is still indifferent, many of the animators is still stuck in the "Hua Dehao bad" standards, shaping the image of the personality is not particularly note is the image of the marketing " did not mind a few. " In his view, with the "anime small workshop" of the growing fire, the soil growing animation industry has become increasingly important. Wang Mao Mao: China's animation industry is indeed getting better and better growing environment. But had to admit, in the protection of intellectual property rights, there is still some imperfections, the operating mechanism of the market, there are some loopholes. Animation agent also led to lack of spare any time animation of the often difficult to focus on creativity. In recent years, the government invested a large amount of manpower and material resources to develop the animation industry, and even rent- free original animation enterprises, tax exemptions, tax cuts and other policies. Animation industry development momentum in recent years is also reassuring. However, the mainland still impetuous mind the animation industry, the development of cartoon characters and the return expected to be too quick success. Wang Mao Mao: State funding can be more precise and use some, but, in addition to physical investment, personnel training, professional refinement, the perfection of the industrial chain is more important to the software. Awareness of the animation of employees is also important, such as the copyright sense of responsibility, marketing awareness, soft thinking ability than several hundred million into the market environment is also an effective purification. Gaussian in the number of rabbits, "famous", many young people like to put the sentence as a network signature: Life is a continuous improvement process of their own. This sentence, on rabbit Sharansky, Wang Mao Mao, the Chinese animation industry, in fact, apply.