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" blue life and death is loved " 8 hot drama of Beijing that sow Han are popular
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Begin from May 27, qing Shaopin of Beijing TV station (BTV-8) is in every night 10 o'clock " green little theater " broadcast recently Han Ri drama, one of two Han drama with the most resounding 2000 Korea -- " blue life and death is loved " (interpret " autumnal fairy tale " ) become begin to make fun of greatly. And after this, " day of fine hand affection " , " the remotest corners of the earth " , " life is beautiful " etc will come on stage in succession. As " blue life and death is loved " broadcast, also add gradually about the comment of Han drama much, the 8 old law of Han drama are increasingly clear also.

Picture must beautiful. " blue life and death loves " the first collect: Beautiful rural landscape, the country that is surrounded by the crops place of dark green boundless canal, yin Enxi and Yin Jun Xi are riding bicycle to pass through side-by-side among them, the sky begins facile and graceful to wear wash rice the spit of drop of the sound of rain, how much romantic story is planted in this namely the generation in atmosphere. Because exterior is beautiful,add broadcast make a great coup, " blue life and death loves " film the ground also became travel famous scenic spot: Hole of Shu Cao green lake " A Bayi village " " favour bright " , Jun Xi carries a favour on the back bright the city spends the Jiangyuandaogao that has gone the beach of ferry riverside, serve as Jun Xi.

Character must beautiful. This are everybody place is accepted, regard a kind of God as drama, a lot of heroes in Han drama had made the image in many youth memory nowadays, " blue life and death is loved " medium Song Hui tall, Song Chengxian, Yuan Bin; " day of fine hand affection " medium An Zaixu, Jin Xishan, Qiu Shangmei; " the remotest corners of the earth " medium Liu Shiyuan, Jin Hao is waited a moment really. Besides beautiful besides, still get cruel, then in the prop of male hero little not black dust coat, black suit, and holding cigarette even, have bit of 20 centuries very much the flavour that embellish of week of 80 time Hong Kong sends.

The story develops must artful. Adage cloud: Without do not become a book opportunely. Without also do not become Han play opportunely, " blue life and death is loved " begin place, the core love He Enxi that Yin Junxi just will be born the famous brand mix of this two people, this has seen rarely between the life. How to let everybody know the fact? Very artful, favour bright was bumped to need give aid and support by the car, true identity also was cleared up. Artfuller is, favour bright the mantissa of Beep-Pager number is 0215, and the mantissa of number of Jun Xi mobile phone also is 0215, such coincidence makes the audience believes the true love of two people is heaven-made union simply. In addition, in Han drama, male heroine heart has Ling Xi to often say at the same time " you " , " me " setting is common occurance more.

Music must be stirred. In " blue life and death is loved " in, richard. Of Kelaideman " love is blue " this one air rings countless times; And be nodded in every the three unities and each Xiaogao is wet, episode always meets timely appear: Favour bright He Junxi sees the sea, Jun Xi come back to see again from the United States together favour bright etc. Apply music to move audience, ticking off the tear that has an audience to be able to say is the one old clever law of Han drama.
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