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Zhang Jizhong: " shoot vulture " Zhou Jie acts a bit poorly
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Times business signs up for a report, yesterday, be in " black clothes " a field, the reporter discovered the producer Zhang Jizhong of this drama, it is big mustache as before, it is bright and clear laugh as before, because be " times business signs up for " old friend, so Zhang Jizhong sees the reporter is very ripe subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. Here " black clothes " just left pat before long, the even busy move there " shoot vulture " later period, should get together again at the same time " day dragon 8 " , zhang Jizhong says his time is very close, opening a car to come from Beijing designedly yesterday Shenyang takes group of sport, be about to hurried back hurriedly afternoon Beijing. ? " passionate flaming years " let everybody know me?

The reporter asks Zhang Jizhong " shoot vulture " later period how, zhang Jizhong says: "I look too much, oneself have bit of coma. The later period montage of this play relies on my person completely, very tired. " be in at that time sow " laugh be proud all corners of the country " when, media quarrelling sound, this " shoot vulture " have not leave sow, in having media jape Zhangji again, already had done get a scolding preparation. "I am not afraid of get a scolding, I feel " laugh be proud " abnormal, having individual medium is have ulterior motives, I believe literary criticism conduces to work rising, but cannot fling abuses, individual at that time reporter is some of mood that does not have reason abreact, I think the likelihood is do not have in the life too allow his excited thing! " mention the past that is condemned at that time, zhang Jizhong does not suppress fire a bit as before. ?

"" passionate flaming years " abnormal also, I am used at that time ' without express with character ' 4 words will describe, nobody letter, wait for drama to be sowed, everybody believed. But I thank this drama very much now, take the play that I will come to make seriously more through allowing authority this instead. " Zhang Jizhong is in but in still see the dot hopes. ?

Li Yapeng, Zhou Xun is pretty good, zhou Jie a bit within an inch of?

Zhang Jizhong talks " shoot vulture " resembling is the child that says oneself, but he besides evaluation actor, do not agree to make component to them from beginning to end. The right that he says to make component should give audience. ?

"Look from the actor, the Guo Jing that Huang Rihua performs is very pretty good, but he is being installed a bit more or less foolish, li Yapeng is really foolish; He acts very simple and honestly. The skill that Zhou Xun demonstrates exceeds Weng Meiling far, because yellow Chengdu itself is Zhejiang person, this and be identical of week fast just, of Changjiang Delta woman euphemistic only local can be shown come, say Zhou Xun so more the Huang Rong of the wording and purpose of what one writes of commonplace resembling gold. " interest is full of in Zhangji mentioned " shoot vulture " the actor in drama. "Yang Liping acts impact of Mei Chao wind will be very greatly, her chilly beauty and fierce, pass those who touch effect to cooperated an audience to look to be able to feel unusual horror. " ? Zhang Jizhong was praised a lot of " shoot vulture " after child, gave the Yang Kang that act to offer critical criticism to Zhou Jie: "Zhou Jie is in of the character hold go up to still have inadequacy, but can let him grow a lot of experience through this play, perform those who come to him art have profit. Perform those who come to him art have profit..
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