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Province of be economical how could gives a millionaire
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" Qian money is familial "
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Financial storm has gone several years, but nowadays of Hong Kong person talks about most negative still capital. Although had arrived,some are heard " negative " the degree that color changes, but a lot of people soon oneself asset remains the same cannot by negative change, in the heart rather the meeting is anxious, then this most be afraid of those who hear " negative " the word often must be hanged to be by the side of the mouth again. This one state is mirrorred in Hong Kong film, nature is to allude the movie dialogue of negative capital and the film story that select to sell with this are increasing also. Connect cartoon " the story that wheat wraps up " the condition that medium wheat wraps up to be able to fall bear negative capital, the sweet Hongkong's person of shrink of the asset after visible banking crisis is how.

Of Zhao Chongji make newly " Qian money is familial " place the topic of negative capital before the audience again, but what what include among them is not only and helpless, more spirit that are pair of Hongkong's people support. Compare Qian fund with (namely the meaning of be economical) the topic that game program will come to talk about negative capital, represented negative capital gens apparently helpless to a kind of own place the mood, and a kind of illusion to prospective future, but in still wanting to return to brutal reality as a result regrettablly, come. Zheng Yuling takes stake to win and with 嬅 of Ceng Zhiwei, Yang Qian 3 people formed father daughter temporarily family, attending this must be a family total unemployment just can attend " Qian money " game. Its playing a way is inside the time of a week a 4 home sends 400 money, the fund that sees which family be remained after a week is most, the negative capital that wins the home will be bought by the TV station.

Actually we can foreknow, they are destined to be able to fail, because their itself is not a family, only this had made them can be cancelled to take part in the match qualification. This estimates the little brother besides that Yang Qian 嬅 with still small age in the family temporarily besides, someone else knows this. But under the temptation in money, who can refuse again. Zheng Yuling won't, because of her just unemployed, and make offerings to even a man that likes music; Ceng Zhiwei won't, because he is already unemployed several months; Yang Qian 嬅 won't, because of her graduation is in two years all the time unemployed; That does not know well the little little brother of affairs of human life more won't, because he still needs old father,beautiful money gives his Maibeikehan 7 polo shirt of Mu. The goal besides this dot is simpler besides, this one " " other of 3 people take part in the match the goal is very immediate, that takes current situation of bonus, change namely. Although this is a dream only, but let a person see a hope after all. Nevertheless, their story let a person think of " the world of Hunan door " the King Kairui in, if King Kairui is in " Hunan " piece if medium experience can let you touch, a medium Qian money is familial also should meet you a few shocks. King Kairui is the life that leaves him in unwitting circumstance at first by TV living broadcast, and this piece in two take part in the match 8 people in the family are the circumstance in know the inside story below, by the person him living broadcast of 24 hours of TV life daily life, and drive them to be willing those who make this sacrifice is money, who more pity of Bei letting a person? Under the professional spirit that waits for a person in 嬅 of Ceng Zhiwei, Zheng Yuling, Yang Qian and summary band exaggerated show, the Qian money behavior of the part in film makes a person not only split one's sides with laughter, more include a few miserable, look at them to run for be economical the public toilet bathes, go bazaar foretaste is free food, knowing Hong Kong person to see such circumstance really is to should laugh to still should cry.
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