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" day dragon 8 " switched on the mobile phone on September 1
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Outback edition teleplay " day dragon 8 " the heat that now is media attention. When Shanghai TV division kicks off, zhang Jizhong and article of director week dawn also move back and forth in back and forth exhibit a stage individually.

In Xi'an film studio exhibit a stage, zhou Xiaowen introduced to concern to the reporter " day dragon 8 " preparatory circumstance. He says, now " day dragon 8 " had begun to make the work, basically be to build studio, the dress that make and prop. " day dragon 8 " take scene job not only very complex, and the task is very onerous also. Should build in 3 places scene, beijing, Zhejiang, Yunnan should build different tourist attraction. So big job is measured, if everything is successful, on September 1, can switch on the mobile phone, also plan to be in surely now this time.

To the actor's person selected, zhou Xiaowen is laughing to say: "I feel to be concerned now " day dragon 8 " the talk of all sorts of actors is very funny, how is we also do not know passed. I want to say to you only, now all sorts of about " day dragon 8 " the actor's view is incorrect. "