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Beautiful jade of Cai of star of hot TV division takes a fancy to especially sma
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The letter signs up for dispatch: (Reporter Ren Yan) division of TV of the 9th Shanghai kicks off 3 days, trade insipid with each passing day. The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, you Xiaogang of person of husband of center of art of TV of the north in Beijing 4 master piece that this second TV division exhibits are hot however and unusual, bring focusing of each district medium. Main actor " the temptation of Eve " Korea stars Cai Lin is in just about this TV division is taken a fancy to " in boreal battleship " , intended with guide especially collaboration.

Say objectively, this year teleplay market not quite boom, TV trades the market also appears a little fatigued and weak. However the north in Beijing
TV makes fun of a few times greatly however the unexpectedly enrols a TV station " love " . Filming in insecurity " secret history of filial piety bank " gathered the halcyon, Siqingaowa, Ma Jingtao, Xu Haishan, Liu Dekai, two sides such as He Saifei is big card. In drama, halcyon the big jade that will act (namely the empress of filial piety village later) age span comes 44 years old from 17 years old, hold extremely hard. Direct Introduction You Xiaogang according to this drama, play has not been patted, " secret history of filial piety bank " go up in TV division by the whole nation had decided in a few TV station photographs, preliminary the end of the year broadcasts. This makes fun of in ancient costume stagnant very god-given this year.

In addition, you Xiaogang hold the teleplay that smallness home reflects sincere letter economy the first times " desire " add piece just pat complete, this drama pretties besides Liu Dekai, Wu Qian outside waiting for a the old cast, still called together the actual strength such as Kou Zhenhai to send an actor to join in. As thematic work, this drama also by the whole nation each TV station is booked, will broadcast in August.

Another humorous fantastic is comedic " city east travel notes " be opposite boldly " on the west travel notes " those who undertook modernization " transform " , now " the Tang Dynasty monk division apprentice " and " bovine Prince of the Devils " , " iron fan princess " between spread out wonderful match powers greatly close to absurd city again. Sun Xing, Qiu Xinzhi, Cao Ying each shows special prowess, strange move change goes. And 25 collect are thematic teleplay " absolute right " criterion the actual strength such as Tang Guojiang, Siqingaowa sends the marshal actor, these two play are rolled out with respect to decide on a verdict of clappers of the stage that be inspected by each home appliance, decide to buy and be rolled out in succession.

Main actor " the temptation of Eve " Korea stars Cai Lin is invited to aid by TV division formerly blast, after with inland each company producer is contacted one time, cai Lin is taken a fancy to " in boreal battleship " , preparation counteracts You Xiaogang to cooperate year after year today a modern play.
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