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Homebred drama " green blaze " counterattack Korea
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In recent years, in Chinese teleplay market arisen " cold current " hot, this " cold current " invincible, on north south below, become a kind of fashion actually, occupational the huge market share of domestic teleplay. In a few aves big alley also can see what dress is gorgeous and barpque everywhere " haing Han gens " , they adore to what Han drama stars very zealous also. Recently, in division of Shanghai film TV understanding arrives, this TV division held the mutiny of domestic teleplay, one of its content are domestic production business begins to resist jointly Han drama inbreaks.

Be in home piece before business brews mutiny, in home very rarely seen teleplay opened the entrance door of Korea one stealthily however, begin to enter Korea teleplay market. The 20 collect teleplay that films by company of estate of movie of Xi'an Zheng a bell-shaped percussion instrument " green blaze " , it is one can inspect a gender extremely strong, vogue and the TV series that has real sense. This drama told about a few to cross century city man to be in the course that pursues ideal, love hates intertexture affection experience, unripe to the person manner and the pursuit that differ severally and they are different to career, emotive understanding, developed a series of plots the story of labyrinthian, exciting. In 3 girls, lu Xing is happy and beautiful goodness, optimistic, he Na is particularly contemporary and fashionable, tan Xin glad is very gorgeous and abound calculation, inspect Lu Xing to be strong opponent to feeling from the career, they 3 people and additionally two likewise green girls were comprised together " green blaze " 5 people combination sends singing and dancing team, move back and forth at each old song ballroom to be being performed everyday contemporary mad dance strong song.

According to sina message, this drama because with foil of many singing and dancing, colour flowery, fashionable avant-courier, and gut is very romantic also, a few hair are so peddling also regarded this film as Han drama. Final discovery is the teleplay that home makes, can't help be this teleplay make and applaud. This production company returned a success to film before this " tonight not fortify " and " the desire is villatic " two teleplay, not small report was caused in home.

The hair of a Korea is peddling watching " green blaze " hind, those who express this teleplay make had been close to Korea teleplay, suit the appetite of Korea audience very much. Should introduce this teleplay so Korea, and a few hair that issue in drama of Beijing representative Han at the same time are peddling special also take a fancy to this market potential in Korea. When they had shifted to an earlier date to undertake in this later period is made, had undertaken be osculatoried adequately with production business.

A personage that understands very to teleplay market expresses, "Cold current " do not decline in outback be current, an among them reason is culture difference, and the economy of Korea is had in Asian area representative, fad is other kind theme, become the target of youth curry with. With home current teleplay market looks, have infiltrate the teleplay of Korea market is returned not much.
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