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In recent years day theatrical work closes inspect depressed vicious circle
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Nowadays day theatrical work is stagnant, lian Daxia Norki is in recently " day theatrical work takes notes " in say helplessly: "Day theatrical work is in Taiwan already gradually small type " . As to the reason of small type of day theatrical work, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, the article offerred the opinion of a few cogency.

Master Udo writes down this article when 2000, read now come, can't help deep the foresight judicious judgment of admire Udo. Udo, Beings, Wispa is the master of day theatrical work of Taiwan, the mainland a lot of " an excellent work " it is to use their work to pass " scissors is added sizy " means " tectonic " and become. Frankly speaking, on whole, the literal work force of mainland Fans and culture culture the Fans under Taiwan, we still are lacked can draw up large quantities of of high quality achieve an article formerly keep a hand.

Caption: In recent years day theatrical work closes inspect depressed vicious circle

Author: Udo

Everybody speaks of a month recently 9 long-term low confused reason, so will talk about the reason of depression of latter day theatrical work!

With respect to the high viewing rate inside the last few years day theatrical work looks, should make an one ministry high viewing rate day theatrical work nothing more than have the following important condition:

(before buy works) quite eye-catching topic + is quite big the God that the playwrite + enough person of card and level enrages sends an actor
  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of ↓    
(crucial process) the + of amative development clue like ideal of       and dream acclaims a topic continuously
Halfway risks the crucial figure that comes out to affect gut ending to develop
Attract the commodity of the audience and exterior tourist attraction
The final result that the audience expects (the audience can be guessed mostly come out and do not let person haematemesis)

(result child) high viewing rate of   of   of   of   of   of   of      
The renown occasion of immortal
The crural a member of the same clan that the person enrages
Seductive nova costar

If when can accomplish this, viewing rate 20% be not tickler, 30% be by no means a dream

However recently although each TV station is very clear these methods, but make a serials of a high viewing rate very hard namely
Not merely 30% difficult if enter a day, connect 20% also can be counted on one's fingers, main reason may be:

1. Thematic heavy Fu is too much, not quite fresh: Will look by theme of the closest day theatrical work, it is mostly around " criminal is detective " , " misshapen love " , " hospital story " revolve of these 3 themes, and sure it is to a play will lift these thematic agitation, theatrical work of a day is red, each TV station films eagerly the drama anthology that is the same as a type, show the state of mind of like a swarm of bees, this agitation grows to maintain 35 years, short have half an year only. Actually these serials that drive agitation also there is no lack of of course an excellent work, it is better to compare the begin theatrical work that starts this agitation even, but because the audience is right,feel tired at the work of same theme namely, so viewing rate nature goes low all the way. It is actually among the agitation of this like a swarm of bees, the work that still a few do sth unconventional or unorthodox is published, but theme too cross Wu Leng out-of-the-way, playwrite probably too too clinging the idea at oneself and style, cannot cater to the be fond of of most audience, of course viewing rate also carries do not rise.  
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