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" hero ejaculation vulture is passed " collect theme song publicly
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Outback edition " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " make eventually end, and those who remain last close -- , this thematic song and theme song however tardy have not appears. This producer Zhang Jizhong told a reporter a few days ago, now is " equipment of all things all, owe east wind only " , can come from music to make square star workshop fail to take out final finished product up to now however.

It is to stem from hype probably, also be probably because of all tricks have been exhausted with astral true workshop, of the make effort at the last moment they rise suddenly from last week, collect publicly to social all circles " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " theme song libretto.

Draft the regulation on placard: Collect libretto subject matter, style this to not be restricted, the format is OK " ooze garden spring · hero " , " country of through the ages one cry " , " assist of hero ejaculation vulture " 3 Hou Xuange words are reference. Libretto collects end time: On June 30, 2002. And once use, the person that create will obtain remuneration RMB 5000 yuan, will obtain have a play staff advocate achieve sign " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " VCD.

Because song has not decide finally, this so the singer of this theme song also cannot be announced. Beforehand media calls this drama " Huang Rong " Zhou Xun of the person that act will open sung word personally, reporter after many confirm, it is certainly finally impossible. Song Ke tells the Wanner China making chief inspector that signs Zhou Xun to call a film contract the reporter, the music of this this drama since by astral workshop keep everything in one's own hands, nature won't forgo this big the main chance of the singer, he reckons final singer does not give an accident to will fall in this company autograph to make an appointment with body of actor grandson Nan to go up, and estimation also meets the theme song that remain arrange actor by its autograph hill of Luo Zhongxu, Jing Gang, Gao Feng divide up.