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Guan Zhilin is patted " unique good B " buy ice cream to Liu Qingyun in the stre
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The beautiful jade that old beautiful woman closes and Liu Jia Ling are in yesterday gong bay street, film with Liu Qingyun the film " unique good B " . Although movie company will film the place keeps secret all the time, but the reporter still sniffs wind and come, and spot staff member did not prevent a reporter to take a picture, but each actor does not accept a visit.

Bump into broken carry on a clandestine love affair

Piece in Liu Jialing and Liu Qingyun are a pair originally, but high official position knew Guan Zhilin in BB things inn later, spread out a paragraph of worry triangle to love then. The occasion that films yesterday, it is to tell about Guan Zhilin and Liu Qingyun 10 point to buckle a street closely to pat procrastinate, if there is Liu Qingyun like birdie,Guan Zhilin is returned, liu Qingyun wants to eat ice cream, guan Zhilin buys ice cream immediately, very obedient, this affection this scene however by Liu Jialing meet unexpectedly.