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" stare a night " suspense directs heavily: This piece pay attention to inferent
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Report from our correspondent: The reporter learns yesterday, in roll out " special citizen " , " white-collar apartment " after waiting for a series of lives are great, inc. of intermediary of Hunan report propagation will roll out a suspense is big again " stare a night " . Benefit of Chen Sheng of this play director is being accepted when interviewing, express, the suspense that confidence makes his China have distinguishing feature most piece.

According to Introduction Chen Dao, " stare a night " adapt by homonymic novel of La Ma, around move a series of murder cases of weird Mo Ce, undertake step by step the inferential activity of the mystery. "What differ with general suspense drama is, " stare a night " pay attention to inferential process more.
Home is existing alarm bandit piece, crack a criminal case piece although be patted very more, but it is commonly with behavioral be good at, flooding violent scene. And " stare a night " it is it is the suspense drama that basically detects a shift with inference, without violent tussle scene, but happen frequently of be concerned about, than general alarm bandit piece more exciting. " the confidence that the reporter asks to its rely on this teleplay to ascend golden eagle section to get award platform again, he laughs laugh say: "See reason to moment. "See reason to moment..