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" ghost flavour world " old Yi Xun encounters first show now " ghost bride " (
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Fast of Chen Yi of report from our correspondent, Gu Zulin and should collect the main actor's film " world of flavour of ghost of ghostliness world II " show formally in Hong Kong now.

On the market of Hong Kong film this year, ghost piece be welcomed from beginning to end by the audience, and behave more apparently on the film market of summer vacation time. " absurd " downfallen still picture, " midnight fierce bell " those who direct Zhongtianxiufu is new make " ghost water fierce spirit " make audience shock not small again. And of Xu Anhua supervise the manufacture of " the ghost flavour world of ghostliness world II " will be in Hong Kong again first show, already endured the audience of too much fright
, can begin to become " fierce ghost is not invaded " , in that way word can let want to borrow machine a business that get rich tongue-lash this world true absurd. (Berth bright)

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Below the introduction of the friend Clara of Guo Ji and Qing Zaiqing, with under market price a lot of price bought one place house property. Bodeful thing is being approached step by step.

Of newly-married that evening, guo Ji encounters traffic accident, consciousness was lost when falling to the ground. After leaving hospital, guo Ji looks before mixing, did not differ, and also continue to be in as the Qing Dynasty of middle school teacher examination paper and prepare lessons in busy. But change also is in happen stealthily, guo Jixian is to discover a lot of people in the edifice are very strange, then discovers the strangest is his bedside person. In a day of night, indigestion discover Qing Dynasty stands in window edge actually, a piece of outfit of small Feng Xian of dress a suit, pale faces...

Of Gu Zulin " small Feng Xian " ghost the appearance of an actor. / old Yi Xun and ghost bride enter cathedral marriage.
Of irritated care accumulate the good friend September that encounters oneself, september nature is optimistic, promise help accumulating to cast off a worry. Slowly, accumulate discovery Qing Dynasty has a lot of things to hiding the truth from him. It is the one person in the edifice above all gone after speaking mysteriously with Qing Dynasty, accumulate additionally shoe of red silken cloth and oilpaper umbrella were found in the home, accumulate with clear impact run down, the feeling with September however on the verge of breaking out. In weird backside, how do person and clever wrestle defeat solution? Dim in after all who is dictate?


1, ghost playwrite became ghost director

Hear of at that time have " ghostliness world II " when wanting to roll out, still thinking still is Xu Anhua becomes a director, but this Xu Anhua gave director advantageous position " ghostliness world " playwrite Kuang Wenwei, and oneself made supervise the manufacture of. Although Kuang Wenwei is the assignment that holds the position of playwrite and assistant director more, but write ghost story to making up, his creativity is to be over Xu Anhua certainly. " in July 14 " , " in Feburary 30 " these ghost piece it is out his hand, such wizard increases so rich experience, because Wei of article of this a surname takes such spirit piece let a person feel to compare Xu Anhua more competency. If be Xu Anhua hold guide, be afraid the actual strength of draw large audiences of continuation also can be damaged, after all ghost piece the specialty that is not her. Change Kuang Wenwei to make a person have hope very much instead, accordingly this piece should actual strength compares that draw large audiences last year.
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