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Twins is new a this week is box-office gain the championship communicative love
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By Hong Kong most have one's moment the love that Twins of green God combination acts the leading role is comedic " this summer has the opposite sex " get since the picture on June 14 of filmgoer chase after hold in both hands, with accumulative total 3.25 million HK dollar (up to stop on June 18) achievement carries off Hong Kong as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera pop chart champion.

This director is Ceng Chenggong hold had guided love light comedy " jade female have a baby born into the family " and " new Za Shimei " Ma Weihao, the main actor of film beautifuls besides the Cai eminent of Twins and outside bell glad tung, still have the Wang Jie that arranges actor for flower emperor autograph together. It is little that this content can say
Of female edition " the United States is sent " -- , tell two to do not have amative experience but the interesting story that the girl that yearns for maturity very pursues the love in the dream in this summer.

It is reported, this get the reception that distributes courtyard line quite, 37 showing a courtyard to count is the before 10 film on this week pop chart in most. Many courtyard wires just say, want Twins to show look good as result of recieving praise in the film only, can have waited for money of a move in chess or a movement in wushu. In fact men and women is beautiful to this pair girl very suffer fall, emerge to theater to watch a movie in succession, look the welcome degree of Twins has in this summer add without decrease. (Dou Wanru)

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Without experience, accurate!

Affection is mixed with sororal KiKi Kammy is fast 20 years old, but two people are returned never love passes, the schoolboy of adjacent school is rife they are homosexuals, this makes them find it hard to vindicate oneself. Face be as long as the summer vacation of two months, two people decide to want to take the advantage of holiday and boy to pull a hand, want to give oneself first kiss even, go up in the classmate party after summer vacation ends next, they can geminate and didymous ground appears, so that change them the homosexual figure in other heart.

KiKi and Kammy attend him to be surpassed for holds with feeling of old schoolmate contact 3 people basketball with old father Louis. Be the same as the Danny in the team with Louis is his old friend, the Danny with mature and sedate surface lets Kammy look a bit enchantedly actually, and the A Ran of team of another of KiKi criterion settle on, it is to be old father to cheered her of boost the morale of to become additionally one rooter unexpectedly to draw A Ran's attention originally. 2 people ask for advice into the A Zhi of essence of life to love that evening, a Zhi engrafted to them one caboodle is academic, but love this thing does not need theory.

KiKi leave no stone unturned draws A Ran's attention, get A Ran's favor eventually, and ground of do with sb unconscious kissed her mouth, kiKi feels he already was A Ran's woman from now on, but after this also sees him hard again however, kiKi feels he was lovelorn, at this moment the elder brother A Le that she discovers original Kammy has good opinion to oneself. The love of Kammy undertakes not smoothly also, she gets along with the way that learns the husband and wife that come and Danny, but the pride that still hurt opposite party finally and part company.
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