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Harrisson - Ford acts to promote cummer to go out new piece " seize Bao Jibing 4
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Harrisson - Ford and silk of chop cummer Li stalking or branch Dafuluohate, love gets bad component to be abandoned hard, ford just promotes tower of silk of Li stalking or branch to replace Yang Ziqiong, should go up " seize Bao Jibing 4 " heroine.

Big director Stephen - Shi Pi cypress and George - Lucas, announce formally to want to pat " seize Bao Jibing 4 " , shi Pi cypress confirms play outline already gave heat, if successful, film is booked fair 2004 mirror. Hero still is Harrisson - Ford, it is Fu Baiken go into battle of 60 years old, have inside story so.

Blessing uncle old but vigorous, flap play is no problem, but he does not want to be patted again and again " seize Bao Jibing " continuation film, those who let him change mind is current the tower of silk of cummer Li stalking or branch of be deeply attached to each other. Go out with her avowedly double into right blessing uncle, think contented cummer marchs the wish of big screen, recommend with Lucas to Shi Pi cypress, let he and tower of silk of Li stalking or branch be in " seize Bao Jibing 4 " take a risk together.

Shi Pi Bai Yuan Yang Ziqiong becomes this settle on heroine, meet in Singapore with her, force seeks Yang Ziqiong show, but Yang Ziqiong acts oneself to abstain " legend of day arteries and veins " , must abandon " seize Bao Jibing 4 " , heroine for a time difficult labor, did not think of tower of silk of Li stalking or branch collected petty gain.

The figure is used " the back after prothorax is stuck " the tower of Ke Li silk that appearance has not been, ever with " Ai Li's different thinks the world " album is famous, do not rush to give small circle of firebug smooth act from beginning to end, and older than her blessing of 22 years old uncle association, let everybody drop broken glasses, the result proves vision of tower of silk of Li stalking or branch is original, blessing uncle gives her love, more the chance that gave her to develop big screen.

" seize Bao Jibing 4 " gut is confidential, the Yindeanna that Dan Fubai performs Dr. Jones, this meeting and tower of silk of Li stalking or branch take a risk together, the romantic play affirmation of two people is distinct, it is Shi Pi cypress and Lucas agree with Rangkeli filar tower is joined " seize Bao Jibing 4 " reason, sell blessing uncle an outer part incidentally.

Fu Baijin year reduction of output, but still reside remuneration firmly the male star of a gleam of of 25 million dollar, originally figure is correct, but with Li Sha of Ma of the 2nd wife Ma Disen lived apart last year in August, blessing uncle begins to have many affairs red is heard ceaseless, encounter tower of silk of Li stalking or branch just a little convergent, but do not tell tower of emaciated silk of Li stalking or branch whether control this old horse.

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