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" violet butterfly " explore class - Zhang Ziyi comes on the stage it is difficu
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To await " Ding Hui " Zhang Ziyi of the person that act comes on the stage, reporter yesterday morning 10 when begin expect to be in Shanghai base of car mound movie and TV " violet butterfly " play staff. Till afternoon 5 when make, zhang Ziyi's special just slowly leave into the spot.

" violet butterfly " hit a car " the time of pattern "

" violet butterfly " play staff in the morning 10 when garrison base of car mound movie and TV, do not think, with tell about beach of 30 time Shanghai to pass likewise
The teleplay of strange tale " the time of pattern " the play staff is in same ground, make up repeatedly set in next door. Aside " the time of pattern " pat extremely thoroughly delighted, and tacit " violet butterfly " director Lou Ye is incompact all the time not slow, look here, go there, searching first-rate to film hard the effect. Ask later, so two play staffs need to use same a street face, because this time can stagger only. Turned a little while, lou Ye sits up before monitor to read a script. There, " the time of pattern " the outfit of childe of Liu Yi dress of the play staff, its are opening not tire of irritatedly vintage car from had gone before camera lens, get directing Wu Tiange's affirmation till the ability when lunch.

Liu Ye is hit into " serious injury "

Afternoon 2 when make, " violet butterfly " start working, act " department apprentice " Liu Ye also hurried to the spot. Eve in the nocturnal show in the evening, because the fault takes purse to be led by Zhang Ziyi,Liu firelights or sunlight " assassinate a group " staking, suffer next cruel dozen, experience " serious injury " . Come on the stage yesterday so, liu Ye is dressed in rage, an adhesive plaster still was stuck on forehead, a pair of very miserable appearance. Yesterday the content of the first play is Liu Ye takes a risk to go very reluctantly cafe gives subterranean party to send information. Because two play staffs are spot recording, it is to lie between one wall only, because this is disturbed each other,be hard to avoid. Everybody is forced mutual and self-effacing, mutual excuse, coordinate a time next a bit more stagger. Although such, " violet butterfly " that Liu Ye is crossed street the sport that enters cafe, patted what two many hours just get directing to approbate full.

Zhang Ziyi comes on the stage numerous star holds a month in both hands

Afternoon 5 when make, the special that Zhang Ziyi takes just slowly enter base. According to introducing, " violet butterfly " it is Zhang Ziyi only a person deployed special, arranged special driver to receive send. Liu firelights or sunlight and go smoothly of the village in Japanese actor is to follow a play staff to take a bus. The Zhang Ziyi that steps down a car to come is wearing a pair of sunglasses, wearing vest of a white, follow an American assistant after one's death, it is its agent next. Surround the person of view to gesticulate to Zhang Ziyi, but dare not stand by. Enter make up, zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye of college fellow student and staff member greet sb, liu firelights or sunlight and did not estrange because of Zhang Ziyi's manner old schoolmate, also made a call with Zhang Ziyi. At this moment, the door between the makeup that opens wide all the time was shut, staff member drum out the crowd around, next person specially assigned for a task is guarding gate. Liu Ye tells a reporter, after the university graduates, he meets rarely with Zhang Ziyi, before yesterday, two people meet in Beijing only talked about a play.
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