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" day dragon " invite numerous much big wrist " Mu Rong answer " meeting 5 abroa
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The golden commonplace drama that report from our correspondent is paid close attention to closely by media " day dragon 8 " ginseng perform person selected, recently as paragraph praise the final person selected that Duan Xiaowang as form of a address for an official or rich man -- , of Lin Zhiying knock calm, also began large area " the dew that show hill " . Yesterday, zhou Xiaowen of the producer Zhang Jizhong that the reporter contacted this drama respectively, director and invest square one Jiangsu broadcasting television the concerned controller of total stage, hear of a batch of this drama " old belle " people already renown flower has advocate, and small belles still are in intense choice, additional, this drama still will have class of a few big wrist to star friendship gues-stars.

According to introducing, although " day dragon 8 " in the Duan Zhengchun of tasteful king father of Dali country still does not have make choice of, the ginseng in fokelore performs Wen Wangxuan of person selected Zhao to also be sentenced to fall readily by Zhou Xiaowen " impossible " , but, a batch of this not cloggy Duan Zhengchun " old love " reach evil person Xie Erniang to wait to lock up the person selected that arrived to give prize quite surely. Among them, hong Kong is famous Kang Min of personate of colourful star Zhong Liti, yao of road of Peng Dan, Shi Lan, He Saifei, Gai Lili, king, Gao Yuan be decided to be other choice of persons by the lock, of course, part fractionize still remains to decide further. And early before should join act " day dragon 8 " Lv Liping's Sun Haiying's couple, because received other show, do not have a predestined relationship with this drama. Be described by Jin Yong " immortal elder sister " Wang Yuyan and paragraph praise numerous little sister still does not have final conclusion at present, but Wang Yuyan is dark all the time love " cousin " Mu Rong answer also found person selected smoothly -- , white Shi Qian. The name returns quite unfamiliar white Shi Qian inside to spend childhood in Hong Kong, be brought up in the United States, what his Ceng Can performs Zhang Yi to seek before is new make " hero " , Cao Guilin's teleplay " stowaway " of He Yangyang " the world does not have doomsday " etc, still be in Hong Kong edition film " day dragon 8 " in dew crosses a face, this appearance is brilliant " a surname answer " meet unexpectedly 5 abroad language.

As a result of " day dragon 8 " in the person that has distinguishing feature each special, because star of class of this a few big wrist is right,go out performed this drama to show strong interest. The reporter is informed at the same time yesterday, zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, Ge You has promised friendship to go out act in a play minute of not heavy part, and the Zhang Jizhong with special figure and Zhou Xiaowen also want to pass one trick strong interest in drama, their individual choice two father -- , the dad Xiao Yuanshan of former personate Xiao Feng, latter gives the gain of father admire Chengdu that performs Mu Rong answer.
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