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" day dragon 8 " director Zhou Xiaowen: Jiang Qin of Xu Jinglei yellow Yi is dil
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Morning paper dispatch (reporter poplar celebrity) Jin Yong famous book " day dragon 8 " prepare since patting, duan Yuhe of childe of hero offspring of the nobility has " immortal elder sister " the person selected of the heroine Wang Yuyan that say all the time pendent. Yesterday (Zhou Xiaowen of this play director is accepting 23) day afternoon when the reporter is interviewed, besides divulging Lin Zhiying is the most hopeful hero person selected, more expose to the sun a breathtaking language, zhou Dao says current big wrist belle is medium, "Immortal of unlike of Xu Jinglei appearance, yellow Yi Taichou is not quite beautiful, jiang Qin is diligent although beautiful went up however an age " , " day dragon 8 " the brand-new and marriageable belle that should look for 20 years old or so will go out perform Wang Yuyan.

Unusually candid the earth's surface shows Zhou Xiaowen: "Lin Zhiying is more hopeful piece act paragraph praise, because " day dragon 8 " investor and each are big the TV station values Lin Zhiying. " and turn to heroine Wang Yuyan to go up personally when the topic when, zhou Xiaowen states his individual objects Korea belle gold be fond of be apt to to go out stoutly above all perform Wang Yuyan: "She a Chinese won't be told, to Chinese culture none know the inside story, I feel impossible. " and speak of current hot Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei when two great beauties, zhou Xiaowen says: "They take sport in the United States, this is not actual. " respecting is next other when red belle, immediately of week dawn article becomes very impolite: "How does appearance of Xu static bud look also unlike immortal? Is yellow Yi appearance beautiful? I feel so ugly, jiang Qin grows frequently OKly still, went up a bit namely age. " the ideal person selected to the Wang Yuyan in memory, description of week dawn article says: "I hope to the audience, she is a brand-new face, the age is controlled in 20 years old, return so that joint performance makes fun of like the immortal besides appearance, and must do not have fame, such audiences just can have to expect, it is familiar face otherwise, to what there is to expect the audience but Where is character? "