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Heart of Li Xuejian play makes a person use a facial expression after healing at
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The first film that after cured reappears, Li Xuejian films " sovereign " already closed a few days ago machine, when interviewing, express what agent Wang Sanxue of Li Xuejian is accepting a reporter, although early days films time has 42 days only, working strength of Li Xuejian is very great, but he " brave " behave or make film be able to finish smoothly.

According to the regulation of the play staff, the Li Xuejian that heals at the beginning of a serious illness everyday working hours cannot exceed 8 hours. But later period makes fun of to drive those who pat Wang Yumei, li Xuejian gave cooperate absolutely, the busiest when he ever worked continuously 18 hours. At that time of the play staff
A lot of staff members say for fun with Li Xuejian: "You are the person that has gotten a serious illness after all, did not destroy oneself for a play. " Li Xuejian listened such word, just also laugh. "He is to use sincerity to embrace really " sovereign " . " Wang Sanxue tells a reporter, most those who let everybody touch is to film a rain makes fun of. "Qingdao has 16 ℃ only at that time, and also issued heavy rain by chance, our pluvial play makes fun of with respect to the rain that became Zhen Yuzhong. To prevent a cold, the staff member boiled Jiang Shang to carry each people to drink. Shang Duan arrives over there Li Xuejian, how is he drunk, slant Jiang Shang was drunk before if be in,saying to pat, on the body not cold, behave the tremble in Leng Yu very hard so. That play was patted 6 times at that time, altogether used 3 many hours. Xue Jian one end, the staff member looks for towelling coverlet to warm oneself to him immediately, he all over cold straight shiver, everybody is looked at feel distressed. Everybody is looked at feel distressed..

It is like the role that the sense that Li Xuejian gives a play staff the staff member performs like him " civilian hero " , already entered later period to make level at present " sovereign " will meet with the audience September. The healthy state that although a lot of people can develop Li Xuejian,Wang Sanxue says will see a movie, but the film of this depict nobody can give an audience to bring more surprises certainly.