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Huang Yi: Felt of Jie of copy of Sui of favour of gang star a short wooden stake
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An expression " by story of tractive of place of the close affection between twin brother, kind and enmity " contemporary theatrical work " have affection justice " made a few days ago finish, will meet with televiewer before long. This drama by Beijing inferior company of annulus image news is made, company of communication of movie and TV of workshop of Beijing century dream is issued.

In drama, huang Yi acts younger sister of sesame seed cake, in play with Singapore actor model essay fragrant than spelling acting.

Younger sister of respecting sesame seed cake, huang Yi laugh says she saw herself " sesame seed cake is installed " hind surprisingly him discovery younger sister of this sesame seed cake is returned is really restore ancient ways, do not know younger sister of sesame seed cake dressing up is such land " 80 time " : Not mixed up flour and syrup, do not draw look line, do not wipe lipstick, a beautiful hair is plunged into a horsetail plait. When speaking of partner Chen Xiaochun, she is experienced very deep is the Chen Xiaochun of language of little speech few in the life's peculiar humour, of this kind of humour idiosyncratic and OK virtually creates friendly atmosphere, make between them the first time together " have affection justice " .