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26 collect TV series " king of Wu Yue money " be about to switch on the mobile p
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" king of Wu Yue money " by Hangzhou Hua Wenying inspects limited company to initiate and produce a film, limited company of plan of movie and TV of Hangzhou gold columbine culture is participated in all-around collaboration. Total bureau of already state wide report approves project approving, include a country the program. A few days ago, each preparation work is finished basically already, royal press conference is about to hold in Hangzhou, switch on the mobile phone formally film.

" king of Wu Yue money " get province, city concerns a section support energetically. The CCTV already attached most importance to his the dot to dog certainly project, the member that send shares play staff leadership, signed " buy intent book " .

" king of Wu Yue money " casting currently pat have particularly great sense: Money 鏐 force advocate China unify, object what the state divides regarding as can get the interior echo with current intense audience, accord with cross-strait people to yearn for unified wish. He " with civilian for this, development economy " thought and action are right reality also has profundity draw lessons from a meaning.

" king of Wu Yue money " have the base that sends high-quality goods:

Producer holds playwrite Zhang Bo concurrently in order to write, film historical character piece for the strong point, ceng Chuang is made, had filmed " Li Qing is illuminated " , " Su Xiaoxiao " , " Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui " wait for much ministry teleplay, among them " at the beginning of Ma Yin " " Qiu Jin " all win first prize of flying Apsaras award two pieces (highest government award) reach a China Communist News Ministry award of 5 one project. " king of Wu Yue money " play already go through the mill 8 years, 4 easy its stalk of grain. Newest draft gets opinion of ministry of CCTV movie and TV and each square expert height especially.

" king of Wu Yue money " creation principle is " do one's best is good-looking but do not make fun of say " , in the history inside the frame of drama, deduce brilliant old practice: Money 鏐 personality is distinct, legend color is extremely thick, zhen Zhufeng, Wu Qiao alternated again in drama woman, contain month, midnight, incomparable the affection billows that waits for the strange woman with disparate case of a few individual character, and Luo Yin, show consideration for and take care to preserve the adviser such as fierce fierce will distinctive travel account, this piece be expected to be patted excellent good piece, with period social benefit and economic benefits double win.

" king of Wu Yue money " advocate achieve have a strong lineup, orderly, director and main actor of male and female all will go up in the press conference collective appears, give a person with the surprise.

" king of Wu Yue money " will tell you " native place " story:
Who is the great master that tells you to make heaven Hangzhou?
Who is telling you prostrate Qian Tangjiang this intense horse?
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