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3 an excellent work of Venetian suffer chase after hold in both hands " beautifu
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In current film festival exclusive the Chinese of lion of gold of a contend piece " beautiful days " right 1 day afternoon reporter first show, although be each country reporter,distribute news dispatches time, but rate of seat of honour is achieved 4/5, mirror Bichangnei what applause lasts 1 minute is long.

Film is shown be as long as two hours, before half part to A Jie (male hero) the elaborate that the family concerns is a little depressing, dye-in-the-wood long shot films the style lets person couplet remember Hou Xiaoxian, the reporter notices midway has nearly 10 people to exeunt, a foreign reporter beside is in catnap, but to gut of second half ministry development becomes be full of tension, especially the pen that coda becomes bit of eyeball, the director gives pleasure of already gone A Jie regain with the means imagination of cut back, swim in benthic dance, with the musical echo of begin, the seawater of the azure blue in the picture is so clear that the seawater of the azure blue in the picture make a person long breathe out at a heat, complete piece the depression ases if so far be over. Still be enmeshed when this days of the most relaxed joy in showing is medium together when everybody and hero, caption is hit, the enthusiastic applause since the noise inside field has a minute continuously, the lamp rises, reporters ground of be reluctant to part with stands up to still be in the aftertaste. Walk out of a cinema, the reporter sees foreign reporter is discussing ardently compare notes, look this Chinese piece become these days event piece in a of distinctive color. And the reporter encounters a China to direct Zhou Hongxiang, he is to take " the red flag waves " will enter short race, he thinks " beautiful days " not " dark light " good, and another Taiwan reporter thinks to exceed " dark light " , because at least gut comparing upside is fluent and interesting a lot of.

On reporter news briefing of 2 days, foreign reporter is very few, appear again awkward like old fruit news briefing situation. Because Zhang Zunji is directed,did not take Chinese to translate oneself again, the news briefing appears 5 minutes at the beginning he understands compere inquiry not circumstance, as a result at everybody very interest dull. A Taiwan reporter asks Zhang Dao comes this mood of " of award of lion of contend " gold how, when he says " is chosen to go up, knowing is exclusive, nevertheless I take part in the match to holding common heart in the arms, can let more person see the director's work, only this just. "Director and Fan Zhiwei of two young actors, Gao Mengjie is speaking of from pat piece to take part in the match there is interest quite when the change of the mood, zhang Dao says: "Write a script, take sport very happy ah, it is very painful to wear business suit, see a movie very happy. "Fan Zhiwei has received Zhang Dao's style to say jokingly: "Take sport very painstaking, pat quite successful feeling, come to Venice very happy. "Gao Mengjie with respect to photo medium A Jie is euqally piquant, "Before patting very expect, when be being patted very painful, see the film be touched quite. "It is reported, zhang Zunji directs 6 days to be about to leave an island, ask why he differs to award prize, he says: "I am patted piece not be to take prize. "Good individualize.
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