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Shenyang comic dialogue will be declared provincial " blame involuntary discharg
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Shenyang comic dialogue will be declared provincial " blame involuntary discharge of urine "

Comic dialogue spot

Comic dialogue is in Beijing seminary, popular at the whole nation, and what can form group district to perform a characteristic is not much however. Shenyang comic dialogue represented northeast completely the aesthetic demand of 3 provinces audience, had made the item of immaterial culture bequest of Shenyang city at present, be about to declare provincial " blame involuntary discharge of urine " project.

Comic dialogue development and the process that evolve, wraparound say to be " resemble be born -- like sound -- comic dialogue " . "Resemble be born " see Yu Song is acting the earliest " Tokyo dream Hua Lu " etc in custom book. Since bright Qing Dynasty, document account appeared " like sound " or " onomatopoeia " . Of clear Dai Lizhen " 100 play ancient folk songs with love as their main theme " carry: "Surround body of good hidden from view of the damask silk that set blueness, onomatopoeia one by one clever Yu Zhen. " here " onomatopoeia " slant overweight sound imitate. Current cross talk appears is in clear minor details.

  The long history of Shenyang comic dialogue

Treat 12 years together according to Qing Dynasty (the Liu Shiying of 1873) print and publish is written " accompany discipline slightly " account, the name of comic dialogue actor with the earliest Shenyang is Zhang Tai: "Have Zhang Tai, learn comic dialogue. Call a person happy, mouth head is clever. Make an appointment with light sentence, want to get choice. Want to get choice..

Smooth mood last years of a dynasty or reign (controlled 1900) Fan Youyuan of actor of Beijing comic dialogue (this name Fan Changli) come to Shenyang with Zhu Tianrui, begin to be in ground of brook edge put down to spread out (outdoor show) , tea company performance is received again after. The Republic of China 10 years (actor of 1921) Beijing comic dialogue Home Feng Home Kun Zhiyi comes to northeast, rather child the person such as Feng Zhensheng, prentice De Shuzhen, Feng Shaokui is comprised " class of Feng Jiaxiang sound " , mobile Yu Liaoji is black 3 provinces, feng Zhensheng stops the Tu Yanghai Quan, Chang Fuquan, person such as Zhu Jingquan again later. These are prentice " say, learn, funny, sing " all already formed the artistic characteristic that gets used to northeast audience appreciation to savour.

   The brilliant time of resounding whole nation

After Shenyang is liberated, at the beginning of 1949, initiative organization established comic dialogue actor " congress of Shenyang comic dialogue " , preexistence north market " peace of the four seas " tea company performance, move again after to boreal market " company of conference language tea " . In the joint performance of quyi of the first whole nation that sponsorred in culture ministry in August 1958, actor of Shenyang comic dialogue is young stand this, Yang Haiquan eulogizes first times beginning of stylistic comic dialogue, the comic dialogue of the performance is made newly " socialism is good " cause sensation, be come to by Zhou En of the premier reputably.
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