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"Flying Apsaras goddess " walk into Shenzhen " surround house greatly "
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August 26 is Shenzhen special economic zone 28 one full year of life " birthday " . To a largesse is displayed in this special day, by area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon appoint, force of district government use up all one's resources is made, bureau of culture of department of propaganda of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, city supports guidance, what house of culture of dragon hillock area and combination of house of art of Shenzhen city masses create is large achieve the Hakkas pantomime formerly " surround house greatly " , will rise to perform 3 repeatedly in Shenzhen great theater at 26 days.

Through revising the high-quality goods of this Shenzhen arena later meticulously, will with touching to deep the Hakkas first civilian the story, dance appearance that is full of tension and the stage show that are full of wallop, to reforming and opening special economic zone of anniversary and 30 Shenzhen builds 28 years to display largesse of a culture.

Eye-catching is, just go up in opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games " filar road " in performance " flying Apsaras goddess " the Yan Shuo of solo dance, will be in " surround house greatly " in piece perform heroine " snow woman " , be full of the dance appearance that behaves force with her, show the nature with withy adamancy of the Hakkas woman. 18 days, yan Shuo and other two main actors and advocate achieve personnel to appear in Shenzhen great theater, to be about to be in 26 days, 27 days mix 29 days colorful come on stage " surround house greatly " held a press conference.

   Fine carve of carve of essence of life " more good-looking more Orphean "

The Hakkas pantomime that Shenzhen manufactures " surround house greatly " this year can artistic moral integrity held Wen Bo premiere, act at a heat sufficient 9. Classics of this all previous 2 years, the dancing high-quality goods that gather country center produces force to be made meticulously, with original structure, delicate weave, top-ranking dancing, the Hakkas spirit play gets incisively and vividly, what once appear,won the visitor of each country China and foreign countries that enters Wen Bo to meet accordingly is favorable.

After premiere is successful, " surround house greatly " the pace that the play staff did not stop artistic innovation, however excelsior, modest the feedback opinion that listens to expert, audience and social all circles, right " surround house greatly " undertook art is created again. Playwright-director Tan Xiao Hong says on the news briefing, the new edition that shortly will perform " surround house greatly " in, undertook two big important adjust. It is to make the story develops more accord with logic and affection development, right former the 6th act " plum holds Gu in the palm " the story undertook relatively substantially revise, instead by " plum lord " had received " plum " the illegitimate child brings up his the adult. 2 be appear to be in in ending of original theatrical work " column of scholarly honour and official rank " undertook modification, make it more accord with an audience aesthetic habit, arranged the Hakkas person to migrate again the story end of next southern Asia, also undertook be adjustmented accordingly to dance beauty and music, make this pantomime " more good-looking, more Orphean " .
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