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Bear the palm of show of international of school of Shenyang folk art
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Tong) on August 19, the reporter understands, should culture association invites art of county of Japanese rich hill, art of student of school of art of folk of Shenyang of accreditation of couplet of Liaoning province article is round, attended county of Japanese rich hill on August 5 at coming on July 30 the show activity of section of art of arena of the first international. On this second art section, this school obtained award of show gold prize, contribution and pedagogic guidance gold prize. The 2600 more than person that comes from 15 countries such as China, United States, Russia, France, Belgian, Kenya attended this art section.

Performance of school of Shenyang folk art 10 programs such as dancing, music, acrobatics. In the show, japanese audience generated strong interest to a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo of musical instrument of our country nation, the Japanese music that plays especially looks " of northland spring " , long applause was caused in the audience. The dancing program of students has bright ethical distinguishing feature, especially 3 people dancing " umbrella · fan " , leave extremely deep impression to the audience. Acrobatics causes full-court sensation more, the program coordinates a show by dancing and acrobatics finally " the rope is interesting " turn whole station program to the climax, actors are worn bright beautiful ethical dress, the jubilation in the music sound of northeastern yangko is bouncing, lively, auspicious, 8 classmates hand lifts an Olympic Games finally 5 annulus end with pyramid modelling, full-court stands up, applause prolonged does not cease.