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"Jin Zijing " big get-together experiences Olympic Games passion
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[report from our correspondent] (reporter Qi Qi) on August 23, the 4th " Jin Zijing " of activity of big get-together series and " cup of new young plant " international is little artistic moral integrity will be held in theater of Hong Kong high mountain, international of new young plant of center of activity of adolescent of Shenzhen city collect lake, Shenzhen city is little ground of oily hemp of dancing art group, Hong Kong is Catholic nearly 20 outstanding adolescent such as middle school of overseas Chinese of big talk of elementary school of city of carp of city of spring of elementary school, Fujian, Hainan are artistic the team plays, with sing victory of Olympic Games of as collective as orchestic form congratulatory Beijing to hold.

The 4th " Jin Zijing " big get-together aids financially elementary school president by Hong Kong limited company of communication of culture of international of new young plant of organizing committee of big get-together of Jinzi chaste tree of meeting, Hong Kong and Hong Kong is sponsorred jointly, the activity promoted the communication between adolescent of countrywide various places not only, share artistic experience, add extensive information, appreciation is multivariate culture, sponsor still just arranged special segment to celebrate the 29th Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, let children experience the passion that Hong Kong acclaims for the Olympic Games, what in artistic grand meeting experience Beijing Olympic Games brings is excited with joyance.

Current " cup of new young plant " international is little China of specially invite of artistic moral integrity chorally permanant of chorus of the General Political Department of association vice-president Li Xilin, the Chinese People's Liberation Army directs city of Liu Yunhou, Shenzhen to learn secretary-general Liang Jia to hold the position of a commissioner chorally chorally, special still invite champion of an Olympic Games to head for the spot and children gam. This activity will be in ginseng those who act chorally with dancing choose in the program " Jin Zijing large award " 3, " Jin Zijing gold prize " reach 3 times " Jin Zijing.