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Vertical stroke of beautiful audience of blessing child flow has thumb
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Vertical stroke of beautiful audience of blessing child flow has thumb

The show appears

The dispatch that believe a newspaper (reporter Zhang Xuejun) become " Bei Bei " , " brilliant brilliant " , " joyous joyous " , " greet greet " , " Ni Ni " ground of festively singing and dancing gives festooned vehicle square group of composition now highway of landscape of area of Olympic park center, here boiled at a draught. This is " blessing child flow is beautiful " happy spot.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees in landscape highway, the tourist of in twos and threes and the athlete that do not have the match temporarily, staff member, volunteer takes a walk carefree and contently here, the intimate competition that having with a few place around forms bright contrast.

Afternoon at 3 o'clock half, as " Beijing welcomes you " singing, "Blessing child flow is beautiful " motorcade and performance phalanx set out from base camp. Should wear colourful dress " Fu Wa " people be on landscape highway, a moment ago returned very peaceful highway two side are magic kind the ground is surrounded at a draught come over countless audiences. Original, a lot of in watch the people that see to be attracted to come over at a draught by lively occasion everywhere.

Reporter discovery, these acting " Fu Wa " girl, boys although carrying burning sun on the head, but the bright smiling face that Zhang Ling popular feeling is moved and touchs is on everybody face almost.

Performance motorcade is far went, come to Beijing experience Olympic Games atmosphere on a special trip from Shaanxi why the aunt is excited still unceasingly: "Too beautiful, too good-looking. " a foreign tourist is taking DV edge to pat Bian Shuqi thumb to be profuse in praise: "Beautiful! Beautiful! " the letter signs up for reporter Zhang Xuejun / photograph